LeasePlan's 2021 Car Cost Index

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LeasePlan has released its annual Car Cost Index, a comprehensive analysis of the true cost of owning a car – including fuel, depreciation, taxes, insurance and maintenance – in 22 European countries including the UK.
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Latest findings

The latest findings shows that mid-size and compact electric vehicles (EVs) are now more affordable than petrol and diesel cars in the UK. This is an improvement on the findings from last year's analysis, which found that only mid-size EVs were more affordable.

For a mid-size EV the total cost of ownership (TCO) is £724* a month. This is £95 less than the TCO for an equivalent petrol model, and £37 than an equivalent diesel.

For a compact EV the TCO is £646* per month. This is £72 less than the TCO for an equivalent petrol model and £63 less than an equivalent diesel model .

The cost savings are largely down to EVs having the lowest rate of fuel/energy costs, and EV drivers currently paying zero road tax until 2025, keeping the TCO low for drivers.

“As EV uptake continues to gain traction in the UK, drivers across the country should be considering their options for going electric. With both compact and mid-size EVs now more affordable than their petrol and diesel counterparts, driving electric has never been more accessible, which midst a background of soaring fuel costs, will be especially encouraging for the UK public. What’s more, the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and the expansion of Clean Air Zones across the country will continue to provide financial incentive for Britons to switch to EVs."

“The automotive industry has made great progress to bring electric driving costs to their current level, but the work doesn’t stop here. To prove its credentials as a world leader in the fight against climate change, the UK Government must prioritise investment in charging infrastructure. With the recent announcement that the Home Charge Grant will be unavailable to certain homeowners from April 2022, it is clear that there is still a job to be done in developing charging infrastructure and enabling financial incentives to encourage the switch to an EV – but it’s positive to see the Government allocating investment to other properties such as rentals and transport hubs.”

Alfonso MartinezManaging Director of LeasePlan UK

Key findings from LeasePlan's 2021 Car Cost Index are:

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Published at 21 October 2021
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21 October 2021
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