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World EV Day

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New research for World EV Day 2022
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We believe World EV Day (9th September) really is something to celebrate. It’s an opportunity to convince drivers, fleet professionals and organisations that EVs aren’t just a good idea – they’re an essential one. But to do this, we think organisations need to work harder and smarter to bring everyone along.

Understanding what people think of EVs

That’s why we’ve been working with partners from across the industry, together with the research firm IPSOS, to understand the state of public opinion around EVs. These partners included LV Insurance, Shell Recharge, Ohme, Cenex, Autotrader, Connected Kerb, Fastned and EV Association England.

Research partner IPSOS surveyed 2000 UK drivers, including focus-group sessions, giving us the chance to hear what people think about EVs. Our goal was to explore how we can make EVs easier to understand and what we can do to convince people – particularly young people – that EVs aren’t just a good idea, they’re highly cost-effective as well.

Three ways to drive change

The results of our research were fascinating, and they gave us real insights that helped us suggest three main ways we can solve these challenges:

We believe these are the three pillars that the future of motoring will be built on. To read more about them, and the findings from our research, please download the report at We hope you find it interesting.

Happy World EV Day from everyone at LeasePlan.

Published at 29 September 2022
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29 September 2022
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