New Support for Electric Vehicle Charging

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Within weeks of COP26 in Glasgow, the Government has outlined further support for the UK's rapidly-expanding electric vehicle population - which is set to double in 2021 [1,2], despite ongoing supply challenges due to the global semiconductor shortage.

EV market at tipping point

Speaking to the Confederation of British Industry Conference in Tyneside [3], Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the world was at a "pivotal moment" and that the electric vehicle market had reached its "tipping point" ahead of the UK ending sales of new non-hybrid petrol or diesel cars and vans in 2030. [4]

New regulations

To support uptake, the Government is introducing new regulations from 2022 [5] designed to add 145,000 chargepoints to the UK's already widespread network. Distributed between at homes, workplaces and public areas such as shops, the ambition is to make charging an electric car as easy filling up with petrol or diesel.

The regulations will require:

Home and workplace charging scheme reforms

Johnson's speech closely follows reforms for home and workplace chargepoint schemes, which make it easier for drivers in flats or rental accommodation to get funding, and for landlords and charities to put the infrastructure in place. To find out more, click here.

Improving the public charging network

Also announced this week, the Government has outlined plans to improve the public chargepoint network, including:

Alfonso Martinez, managing director of LeasePlan UK, commented:


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Published at 26 November 2021
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26 November 2021
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