Introducing electric cars

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Introducing Mr E. Here to show you all about electric vehicles (EVs)
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In our latest series Mr E explores the benefits of EVs, the costs, charging possibilities, range battery and much more. Watch now:

1. Cost

In this video, Mr E explores the costs of driving an EV. Explaining total cost of ownership (TCO) also known as Whole Life Cost (WLC) and providing some examples of costs:

2. Range

In this video Mr E explains Range - and why it shouldn't be an issue at all:

3. Charging

Let's talk about charging. This video covers Home Charging and explores how home charging could provide all the charging requirements your vehicle needs:

4. Workplace charging

Did you know that 30% of charging happens at the workplace? Find out more in our Charging at work video:

5. Public charging

The public charging keeps expanding... here in our video you can discover how to charge on the public network:

6. Standard charging

In this video Mr E explains standard charging power and how to charge your vehicle using standard charging.

7. Fast charging

Fast charging has speeds of up to 350 kw - meaning it can take 30 minutes to charge your vehicle up to 80% - find out how here:

8. Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Super charging is a whole different ball game. Find out more in our video:

9. Charging time

Charging time depends on 3 variables - Mr E explains all:

10. Where to charge

The great things about charging apps are that they can tell you where you charge, how much you'll pay and how long you might wait:

11. Charging payment

Find out how to pay for your charge in our latest video:

12. Pole position

What to do when the charging pole isn't working:

13. Battery power

Discover what batteries are made of, the cost of batteries and how long they last:

14. Driving your EV

Mr E takes us for a ride. Discover the joy of driving EV in our latest video:

15. Driving tips

Economic driving and the impact of driving style on range:

16. LeasePlan charging

Mr E talks about the LeasePlan charging app:

Published at 27 April 2021
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27 April 2021
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