EV Readiness 2021

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LeasePlan just released the 2021 EV Readiness Index. This is a comprehensive analysis of the preparedness of 22 European countries for the electric vehicle transition.
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The index ranks the countries based on three factors:

  1. Maturity of the EV market
  2. Maturity of EV infrastructure
  3. Total cost of ownership

Electric vehicle maturity

The Netherlands, Norway and United Kingdom are now the best prepared countries in Europe for the electric vehicle transition.

Across Europe, 16.5% of all LeasePlan's newly ordered lease vehicles are electric vehicles. The number of EV registrations doubled compared to 2019.

Charging infrastructure maturity

Across Europe, there was a 43% increase in public charging stations with almost 260,000 public stations.

Overall, the charging infrastructure scores the lowest points of all categories, highlighting the need for a faster development of public charging infrastructure in Europe.

Total cost of ownership

In 2020, more countries introduced or prolonged a wide range of government incentives for EV. New incentives were most often subsidies on the purchase price of EV.

On average, EV drivers are taxed 63% of what Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) drivers are paying in taxation. In four markets (Austria, Greece, Ireland and the United Kingdom), EVs are fully exempt from driver taxation.

Electricity cost on average 53% per kilometre compared to the fuel costs per kilometre across Europe. In Germany, this advantage for EV is the smallest with an index of 78%.

11 countries show a lower monthly cost (inc. fuel) for a selection of EVs compared to a similar selection of ICE, showcasing the TCO parity has already been achieved in many European countries.

Published at 26 August 2021
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26 August 2021
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