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Seven tips for being a happy charger

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While the infrastructure for electric vehicles does continue to improve, it’s still not where it needs to be. Until it gets there, electric car drivers can help each other by being considerate chargers. Here are our seven tips to keep in mind.
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1. Look after public charging points

Treating public charging infrastructure with care and respect will keep it in optimal working order for everyone. In particular:

2. Don’t use EV charging points as a parking spot

It can be tempting to see an EV charging point as a premium all-day parking spot, but they need to be kept available for vehicles that are charging. Similarly, don’t use the charger for longer than necessary. This isn’t just about leaving your vehicle connected once the charging has finished, think about how much you need to get to your next destination – and that most manufacturers recommend only charging to 80% or 90%.

3. Let others know how long you will be

In many places charging points are limited, so the next driver may be waiting for you to finish. If you use our free Happy Charger dial, you can let them know how long you think you’ll be, so they can be ready for when you move your car away.


4. Never unplug another vehicle

Never unplug another driver’s electric car, no matter how long you think they’ve been there or if it’s a plug-in hybrid. The one exception is when the driver has left a note to say it’s fine to do so.

5. Plan your charging in advance

Most electric cars spend much more time parked than driven on most days. If you use this downtime, you can charge much more effectively. Here’s a quick reminder of the four main types of charging options:

Power output
Charging speed (vehicle dependant)
DC 100kW +
Up to 100 miles in 10 minutes
Selected forecourt services
DC 50kW
Up to 33 miles in 10 minutes
Motorway services
Up to 5 miles in 10 minutes
Home, workplace & destination
Up to 3Kw
Up to 2 miles in 10 minutes
Home, workplace & destination

6. Don’t forget parking rules!

If you’re in a car park, don’t forget to pay (if you need to) and keep to any time limits. For example, some supermarkets only allow one or two hours of free parking.

7. Don't block access to other chargers

Make sure there is enough space around the charging point so that other drivers can access any chargers next to it.

Published at 15 May 2023
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15 May 2023
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