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Strict new standards for public EV charging

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The Government has drafted a new regulation enforcing a simpler and more reliable public charging experience for electric vehicle drivers. Here’s how those changes could affect you.
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Reliable, accessible charging is a cornerstone of the UK’s electric vehicle transition, but that experience isn’t always up to scratch. Having researched drivers’ perceptions of public chargepoints networks, the Department for Transport has set out draft regulations addressing their main criticisms and making it easier for them to plug in.

The Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 will apply across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, including locations on private property but not workplace chargepoints for staff and visitors. This will introduce strict quality of service requirements for network operators from 12 months after it comes into force, based on several key areas:




How has the industry responded to the regulations?

A 99% reliability requirement and live charge point information will help show drivers in real-time the benefits of driving electric.

Edmund KingAA President

Public charging anxiety and frustration is one of the top reasons drivers give for not going EV, so these new measures represent a massive step in addressing them.

Toby PostonDirector of Corporate Affairs - BVRLA

These regulations empower EV drivers with greater convenience, reliability, and transparency. As an association representing EV drivers, we welcome these regulations and are excited about the positive impact they will have on charging experiences.

Maz SharEVA (Electric Vehicle Association) - England

The introduction of the Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 represents a significant step forward in addressing common concerns of EV drivers and promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the UK. These regulations are designed to improve the charging experience by enhancing reliability, convenience, and transparency within the charging network.

As we continue to work towards the 2030 deadline, the implementation of these regulations is a pivotal milestone in the journey towards cleaner air and reduction in emissions, which will benefit us all - and future generations to come.

Matthew WaltersHead of Consultancy Services, LeasePlan UK
Published at 26 July 2023
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26 July 2023
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