2020 Fleet Sustainability Ranking by Industry

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What are the best-performing industries for low-emission fleets?
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Many of our customers are working to improve the sustainability of their fleet, by switching to low-emission vehicles.

A question we are asked time and again is where fleets stand compared to their industry peers. To help, LeasePlan has developed a Fleet Sustainability Ranking by Industry.

The ranking is based on four factors: the share of diesel, the share of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), the share of hybrids and the level of CO₂ emissions.

Now in its second year, this annual benchmark study compares the progress towards a more sustainable fleet set-up across ten industries and across 24 countries.

Download the report

Download LeasePlan's 2020 Fleet Sustainability Ranking by Industry here.

Published at 1 April 2022
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1 April 2022
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