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Blue Monday? People need support at any time of the year, which is why we've a comprehensive set of driver wellbeing resources available.
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You might have heard that today is sometimes known as "Blue Monday". This term was originally used by travel agents to nudge people into booking holidays. It reflects how the bad weather (and lack of sunlight) in a UK winter can make people feel, particularly at the point when December's payday is a distant memory. This year, it might seem even more appropriate, given the additional challenges we've all been facing since 2020, but we think Blue Monday is actually a red herring.

That's because depression doesn't care what day, week or month it is. People need support at any time of the year, which is why our charity partners at Mind have a comprehensive set of resources available for those affected by depression today, and every day.

We'd also like to highlight the CALM driver campaign. CALM stands for the 'Campaign against living miserably' and they have teamed up with National Highways and Driving for Better Business to create a selection of helpful resources for UK-based fleets. You can find out more about it here.

There are many more resources available too. So, whatever you're struggling with, or whoever in your life needs help, we hope you can find something that gives you the support you need:


Published at 17 January 2022
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17 January 2022
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