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Fleet risk: Inductions and training

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If you want your drivers to be safe and responsible behind the wheel, you need to let them know what you expect of them and help them develop their skills over the years.
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Fleet risk: Inductions and training

We know the importance of fleet risk to companies – and how difficult it can be to manage effectively. That’s why we’ve created this series of articles looking at different elements of fleet risk, with analysis and tips from our experts. If you haven’t explored fleet risk before, our introduction article is a great place to start. We hope you find this whole series helpful.


This should start before they take control of a company vehicle, with a detailed induction process that covers areas such as:

After all, your drivers are ambassadors for your company and should drive accordingly. If a driver is displaying a poor level of professionalism behind the wheel, this will only reflect badly on your business.


Once a driver has started working with your company, regular training should be provided. This should reinforce everything that was covered in the induction, so your drivers know what they need to do – and your company is protected if they are involved in an accident.

This includes keeping accurate training records for each driver, so you can demonstrate that you have done everything possible to educate them about road safety.

One idea we often like to recommend is that companies should provide regular ‘Toolbox Talks’ on safety and welfare-related topics. This keeps your drivers up-to-date on rules and regulations, ensures they don’t forget about sensible driving and shows you are serious about safety. For example, you could have a different talk each month that lasts around ten to 15 minutes, with time for drivers to ask questions at the end.

Published at 20 September 2022
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20 September 2022
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