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Control costs with better grey fleet management

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You’ve probably heard of the ‘grey fleet’, which covers the vehicles used for business-related journeys that belong to the driver rather than the employer. But do you know how large it is? Research suggests it accounts for 40% of all the vehicles in the UK – around 14 million in total – and covers 12 billion business miles each year.

If that’s much larger than you expected, we need to tell you that it’s also a much larger problem than you probably realise as well. Getting to grips with it can save your business money – both directly and indirectly.
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By Tracey Parker, Risk Propositions Manager, LeasePlan UK

Seven ways your grey fleet could cost you

How to take control

We have developed a straightforward three-step process that we believe will help companies take control of their grey fleets. If you need any help with it, please talk to your team at LeasePlan. We can show you what best practices look like, provide you with checklists and grey fleet policy templates and assist you with license checking. We can even conduct a fleet audit that gives you an overview of what’s going on to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Step 1: Gather data

Step 2: Implement measures

Step 3: Make decisions

To find out more about Fleet Risk Management please visit our Fleet Risk Zone on our website or speak to your LeasePlan Account Manager.

Published at 30 June 2023
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30 June 2023
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