What's New? Our Pick of 2021's Biggest Electric Van Launches

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With an expanding choice of variants, longer ranges and faster charging times, electric vans are an increasingly viable option for commercial fleets. Take a look at our guide to 2021's new and hotly anticipated electric vans.
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Citroën ë-Berlingo


What is it? A compact electric van with a choice of 4.4-metre and 4.75-metre body lengths, and a crew version. Folding the passenger seat extends the load length to 3.4 metres, it can tow up to 750kg, and heating and charging settings can be controlled using an app.

Payload: Up to 800kg Loadspace: 3.3-4.3m³ Battery Capacity: 50kWh Electric Range: Up to 171 miles (TBC) Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 30 minutes) Price*: TBC When: Q4 2021

Citroën ë-Dispatch 


What is it? Citroën’s mid-size panel van is available in three body lengths with two battery options for different duty cycles. Load volume is identical to diesel versions, and it retains a front bench with seats that fold to extend the cargo capacity or create a desk.

Payload: 1,000-1,262kg Loadspace: 4,6-6.6m³ Battery Capacity: 50kWh or 75kWh Electric Range: 148-211 miles Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 30 minutes/45 minutes) Price*: From £25,053 When: Available now

Citroën ë-Relay 

Citroen e-Relay 

What is it? An adaptable platform for last-mile fleets. The £-Relay is available as a panel van in three lengths, window van or chassis cab for conversions, all featuring a 120hp electric motor. Vans offer up to a four-metre load area, and there's an extended-range battery too.

Payload: 740-1,150kg Loadspace: 11.5-15m³ Battery Capacity: 37kWh or 70kWh Electric range: 73-139 miles Rapid charging: Yes (50kW, 80% in 60 minutes) Price*: From £49,335 When: Available now

Fiat e-Ducato

Fiat e-Ducato 

What is it?

Fiat has been working with electric van fleets since the Ducato Elettra launched in 1992. The e-Ducato continues that lineage, available as a van or chassis cab, with two batteries options and telematics that can be integrated with fleet management software.

Payload: 690-1,885kg Loadspace: 10-17m³ Battery Capacity: 47kWh or 79kWh Electric Range: 88-175 miles Rapid charging: Yes (50kW – 62 miles in less than 30 minutes) Price*: From £47,675 When: Available now

Ford Transit Custom PHEV

Ford Transit Custom PHEV

What is it? A plug-in hybrid van with the ability to geofence its electric range for low-emission zones, near schools and playgrounds or within operators? premises. Once the electric range is used up, a small petrol engine enables it to go further and can top up the battery while driving. Also available as the Tourneo Custom passenger carrier.

Payload: 1,153-1,195kg Loadspace: 5.4m³ Battery capacity: 13.6kWh Electric range: 41 miles (317-343 miles with petrol range-extender) Rapid charging: No Price*: From £36,345 When: Available now



What is it? Closely related to the LEVC's electric taxi, the VN5 features a tight turning circle and lightweight, corrosion and dent-resistant composite bodywork. The 1.5-litre petrol engine under the bonnet works as a generator, charging the battery while driving but never directly providing power to the wheels.

Payload: 691-830kg Loadspace: 4.5-5.5m³ Battery capacity: 31kWh Electric range: 61 miles (243 miles with petrol range-extender) Rapid charging: Yes (50kW – 100% in 30 minutes) Price*: From £46,500 When: Available now



What is it: A long wheelbase, high-roof electric panel van, claimed to offer similar four-year ownership costs to its diesel counterpart. The eTGE includes a reversing camera and rear parking sensors, an illuminated and cladded load area with tie-down rail and navigation as standard.

Payload: 950kg Loadspace: 10.7m³ Battery capacity: 36kWh Electric range: 68-71 miles Rapid charging: Yes (40kW – 80% in 45 minutes) Price*: TBC When: TBC

Maxus e Deliver 3

What is it? Designed for city-based fleets, the e Deliver 3 is a compact electric van, also available as a longer-wheelbase chassis cab version. The structure is made from aluminium with strong composite panels to maximise payload, and a range-extending driving mode.

Payload: 865-1,202kg Loadspace: 4.8-6.3m³ Battery capacity: 35kWh or 53kWh Electric range: 99-151 miles Rapid charging: Yes (50kW – 80% in 45minutes) Price*: From £27,000 When: Available now

Maxus e Deliver 9

Maxus eDeliver 9

What is it? Maxus offers its larger electric commercial vehicle as a panel van or chassis cab, and has partnerships with converters for the latter. The e Deliver 9 is fitted with a 204hp electric motor and includes a 62mph limiter, single sliding door and 10-inch touchscreen.

Payload: 860-1,700kg Loadspace: 9.7-11.0m³ Battery Capacity: 52kWh, 72kWh or 89kWh Electric Range: 112-185 miles Rapid charging: Yes (50kW – 80% in 45 minutes) Price*: From £57,000 When: Available now

Mercedes-Benz eVito

Mercedes-Benz eVito

What is it? Mercedes-Benz has offered electric versions of the Vito since 2010. Updated last year, the latest includes a 114hp electric motor and 5.1-metre or 5.37-metre variants. Both include four stages of regenerative braking and a two-year telematics service subscription.

Payload: 890-905kg Loadspace: 6.0-6.6m³ Battery Capacity: 41kWh Electric Range: 91-92 miles Rapid charging: No Price*: £34,895 When: Available now

Mercedes eSprinter

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

What is it? A 5.9-metre electric panel van designed for urban fleets. The eSprinter includes a two-year subscription to the Pro Connect telematics service, smartphone app-based control of charging and route planning and battery modules that can be replaced individually.

Payload: 731kg Loadspace: 11m³ Battery Capacity: 55kWh Electric Range: 83 miles (96 miles with speed limiter) Rapid charging: Yes (80kW – 80% in 30 minutes) Price*: From £43,950 When: Available now

Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

What is it? A compact electric van with technology from the Nissan LEAF. The e-NV200 offers a tight turning circle, a folding passenger seat and it supports vehicle-to-grid charging. A new XL version, developed with conversion company Voltia, almost doubles the load volume.

Payload: 580-705kg Loadspace: 4.2-8.0m³ Battery capacity: 40kWh Electric range: Up to 124 miles Rapid charging: Optional (50kWh – 80% in 40 minutes) Price*: From £23,305 When: Available now

Peugeot e-Partner

Peugeot e-Partner

What is it? The e-Partner is Peugeot's smallest electric van, available in panel and crew bodystyles at 4.4 and 4.75-metres in length. It features hidden storage under the bench, a touchscreen navigation system with live traffic information and driving modes focused on range or performance for heavy loads.

Payload: 705-800kg Loadspace: 3.3-4.4m³ (panel van only) Battery Capacity: 50kWh Electric Range: Up to 171 miles Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 30 minutes) Price*: TBC When: November 2021.

Peugeot e-Expert

Peugeot e-Expert

What is it: Peugeot offers three body lengths (4.6-5.3m) and panel or crew van options for the e-Expert. There are three trim levels, each with a steel bulkhead, while the bench seat can be folded to reveal extra storage, workspaces or to extend the load area.

Payload: 1,001-1,226kg Loadspace: 4.6-6.1m³ Battery Capacity: 50kWh or 75kWh Electric Range: 148-211 miles Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 30 minutes or 45 minutes) Price*: £25,053 When: Available now

Peugeot e-Boxer

Peugeot e-Boxer

What is it? The e-Boxer is a large electric van with a chassis cab variant and three wheelbases up to 4.04 metres in length. It supports a range of charging speeds up to 22kW with rapid charging for double-shifting, and includes air conditioning and rear parking sensors as standard.

Payload: 1,002-1,275kg

Loadspace: 11.5-15m³

Battery Capacity: 37kWh or 70kWh

Electric Range: 73-139 miles

Rapid charging: Yes (50kW – 80% in 60 minutes)

Price*: £49,336

When: Available now

Renault Zoe Van

Renault Zoe Van

What is it? The only electric car-derived van available in the UK includes the same recycled cabin materials and touchscreen infotainment system as the passenger version. Behind the mesh bulkhead is a rubber-lined load area with four anchorage points and removable cover.

Payload: 435-457kg

Loadspace: 1m³

Battery Capacity: 52kWh

Electric Range: 239-245 miles

Rapid charging: Optional (50kW – 80% in 70 minutes)

Price*: From £27,595

When: Available now

Renault Kangoo E-Tech

Renault Kangoo E-Tech

What is it? One of the earliest electric vans, the Kangoo E-Tech includes the same load capacity and folding passenger seat with hinged bulkhead as diesel versions. Renault is offering crew and panel van variants, each with custom-made protection packages.

Payload: 605-640kg

Loadspace: 1.3m³ (crew van) 3.0-4.0m³ (panel van)

Battery Capacity: 33kWh

Electric Range: 143 miles

Rapid charging: No

Price*: From £28,891

When: Available now

Renault Master E-Tech

Renault Master E-Tech 

What is it? The Master is Renault's largest panel van, available with as a front-wheel drive electric model with medium and long-wheelbase versions. A range of approved conversions mean fleets can adapt the chassis cab and platform cab variants to suit their needs.

Payload: 925-1,720kg

Loadspace: 9.0-10.8m³ (panel van) Up to 20m³ (chassis or platform cab)

Battery Capacity: 33kWh

Electric Range: 74 miles

Rapid charging: No

Price*: From £59,880

When: Available now

Toyota Proace City Electric

Electric Van Toyota Proace City Electric

What is it? A city-friendly electric van with a versatile load area that extends over the folding passenger seat, and towing capability up to 750kg. It can fully charge in five hours with the optional three-phase charging system, and there's a choice of panel or crew versions in 4.4-metre or 4.75-metre lengths.

Payload: 750-800kg

Loadspace: 3.3-4.4m³

Battery Capacity: 50kWh

Electric Range: 260-280km (TBC)

Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 30 minutes)

Price*: TBC When: Late 2021

Toyota Proace Electric

electric van Toyota Proace Electric

What is it? Toyota's first electric van produces 136hp, and offers a towing capacity of up to 1,500kg. The Proace Electric is offered in a single body length trim level, including smartphone connectivity, WiFi, cruise control and parking sensors, while the optional Smart Cargo system accommodates loads of up to 3.6 metres over the folding passenger seat.

Payload: 1,000-1,226kg

Loadspace: 5.3-5.8m³

Battery Capacity: 50kWh or 75kWh

Electric Range: 142-205 miles

Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 32 minutes or 48 minutes)

Price*: From £28,630

When: Available now, deliveries Q4 2021.

Vauxhall Combo-e

Vauxhall Combo-e

What is it? Available in two body lengths, the Combo-e has up to 3.4 metres of loadspace and can tow up to 750kg. Vauxhall's smartphone app offers remote monitoring of charging and cabin preconditioning, and it includes sensors to avoid overloading or damaging the sides of the vehicle while manoeuvring.

Payload: 750-800kg (est)

Loadspace: 3.8-4.4m³

Battery Capacity: 50kWh

Electric Range: Up to 171 miles

Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 30 minutes)

Price*: £TBC

When: Autumn 2021.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

What is it? Vauxhall offers two battery options for the Vivaro-e electric van, and even the smaller of the two provides a claimed 144-mile range while carrying half its maximum payload. There are three driving modes to suit different uses, crew and panel versions with two wheelbases and it can tow up to 1,000kg.

Payload: 987-1,226kg

Loadspace: 5.3-6.6m³

Battery Capacity: 50kWh or 75kWh

Electric Range: 120-176 miles

Rapid charging: Yes (100kW – 80% in 32 minutes or 48 minutes)

Price*: From £29,028.33

When: Available now

Vauxhall Movano-e

Vauxhall Movano-e

What is it? Vauxhall has yet to announce pricing for its largest electric van, but it's targeting class-leading running costs and claiming a high level of safety technology on board. Variants will include a large panel van and crew cab, and a chassis cab for conversions.

Payload: TBC

Loadspace: TBC

Battery Capacity: 37kWh or 72kWh

Electric Range: 72-139 miles

Rapid charging: TBC

Price*: TBC

When: Summer 2021.

Volkswagen ABT e-Transporter

Volkswagen ABT e-Transporter

What is it? Developed with ABT e-Line (which runs Audi's Formula E motorsport team) the e-Transporter uses an unusual three-speed transmission for electric driving. There are two trim levels, and a choice of panel van or combi versions, and the battery's 16 modules can be replaced individually. A 56mph limiter is standard, and towing is capped at 1,500kg.

Payload: 877-996kg

Loadspace: 4.4-6.7m³

Battery Capacity: 37.3kWh

Electric Range: Up to 82 miles

Rapid charging: Yes (50kW – 80% in 40 minutes)

Price*: From £36,060

When: Available now

Coming soon:

Arrival Van

What is it? Newcomer Arrival has focused on customisation and low ownership costs for its electric van. It's made of aluminium with durable, lightweight composite panels and modular battery options up to 133kWh, providing a 215-mile range. There are front and four-wheel drive variants, with panel van, walk-in and chassis cab body styles in a variety of wheelbase lengths. Arrival also has a scalable factory setup, to minimise production costs.

When: Late 2022

Ford E-Transit Custom

What is it? There's an all-new Transit Custom under development, and powertrain options will include a plug-in hybrid and battery-electric version. Ford hasn't revealed much as yet, but the van will share technology with Volkswagen's next Transporter (which will be built on the same line) to add economies of scale. The manufacturer expects two thirds of its European commercial vehicle sales to be plug-ins by 2030.

When: Early 2023

Ford E-Transit

What is it? Prototypes of Ford's largest electric van are undergoing fleet trials across Europe, to optimise the range and test connected technology on board. Panel van and chassis cab variants are planned, providing a range of up to 217 miles with maximum payloads of 1,616kg and 1,967kg respectively. Battery components are shared with the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV, and Ford is claiming 40% lower total running costs than a diesel Transit.

When: Spring 2022

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo

What is it? The first commercial vehicle on Volkswagen's modular electric vehicle platform, as used in the ID.3 and ID.4, will be a futuristic homage to the 1950s Transporter van. Pushing the wheels to the corners offers a long wheelbase and small turning circle, and the concept version hinted at a fleet-focused telematics system with live route planning.

When: 2022

Volkswagen e-Crafter

What is it? Development of the e-Crafter included trials with several UK fleets. It's a large electric van, targeting last-mile deliveries and city-based tradespeople, including a 56mph speed limiter which extends the range to 107 miles. Volkswagen says the 10.7m? load area is identical to the diesel version, and it offers a payload of up to 1,750kg.

When: TBC

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