Maintenance and repairs

Practical tips for taking good care of your vehicle


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Discover the best way to take care of your vehicle – from regular maintenance and repairs to seasonal tyre changes.

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If your lease includes servicing and maintenance, you can arrange your service, or mechanical repair.

  • We will contact you to confirm your booking arrangements.
  • We can arrange to collect your vehicle and return it to you, or if a courtesy vehicle is available at the garage, we can book it for you. The garage might charge you a fee to be added to their insurance.
  • We will communicate with the garage on your behalf, track the progress of your service and keep you informed if there are any queries or delays.
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Regular maintenance keeps everything running smoothly

It’s up to you to get your vehicle regularly serviced. How do you know when it’s time? Check the maintenance guide in your vehicle.


    To keep your car in top shape, remember to regularly check the condition of your tyres and keep an eye on your coolant, windscreen wiper fluid and oil levels.


The freedom to drive even when your vehicle is in the garage

Major repairs may take some time. But that doesn’t mean you have to change your plans! Depending on your contract, you might be able to get a short-term replacement vehicle.

Call LeasePlan or your fleet manager to see if you’re entitled to a replacement vehicle.