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    COVID-19 - Our response

    We want to do everything we can to look after our colleagues and your interests, so we have put in place our Business Continuity Plan in response to the coronavirus and have coordinated for our teams to work from home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Arrow downCan I still get my car or van serviced?

Arrow downCan I get a copy of my MOT certificate?

Arrow downI haven't been able to get my vehicle serviced during the lockdown. Will this affect my warranty?

Arrow downDo I have maintenance in my contract?

Arrow downDo I need to service the vehicle before returning it back at the end of the contract?

Arrow downHow do I know when my vehicle needs an MOT?

Arrow downHow far in advance should I book the service for?

We will only service a vehicle when it is due a service. If you have a maintained contract you must use our Service Booking line – 0345 250 0000 – to book work (or you can select the service booking option on your DriverLine). It’s vital that we control the service slots, so we can prioritise key workers and those most in need, while making sure your job is handled promptly. Booking in directly with the garage will hamper our efforts to allocate the slots fairly, so we may reallocate bookings if they are not made through our Service Booking lineSome garages are restricting some services such as collection and delivery – and we are urging customers to clean their vehicles before handover. 'While you wait' servicing, MOT and tyre booking has been suspended.

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Arrow downI’m asthmatic, will you use aerosols to clean vehicles?

Arrow downI am well under the mileage for the annual service, do I still need to book a service?

Arrow downI can’t get my car serviced. Will this affect my warranty?

Arrow downI've put the wrong fuel in my vehicle (petrol / diesel). What should I do?

Arrow downMy vehicle was serviced before 29 May, was it sanitised?

Arrow downShould the garage have given me the MOT certificate?

Arrow downThere is a warning light displayed on the dashboard. What do I do?

Arrow downI know I have to keep my vehicle ‘roadworthy’ during this time, but what does this mean?

Arrow downWhere can I get my vehicle serviced?

Arrow downWill the main contact areas on my vehicle be cleaned before it is returned back to me after an accident or repair?

Arrow downWill the main contact areas on my vehicle be cleaned after it’s been serviced?

Arrow downWill the main contact areas on my vehicle be cleaned after my tyres have been changed?

Arrow downWill the main contact areas on my vehicle be cleaned after my windscreen has been changed or fixed?

Arrow downCan I get my car or van serviced before it’s due?

Arrow downCan I get my vehicle MOT tested?

Arrow downCan safety recalls be carried out?

Arrow downI can’t get my vehicle serviced during the lockdown. Will this affect my warranty?

Arrow downI drive a diesel and I am only doing short journeys now. Will this affect my particulate filter?

Arrow downDo I have to get chips on my windscreen repaired?

Arrow downCan I have a courtesy vehicle?

Arrow downWhere do I take my vehicle for a service?

Arrow downHow long will it take to service my vehicle?

Arrow downWhat do I need to do on the day of my vehicle service?

Arrow downWhat happens if my vehicle fails its MOT because of the tyres?

Arrow downWhat if my service or vehicle repair takes more than a day?

Arrow downWhat time do I need to take my vehicle to the garage?

Arrow downWhat time will my vehicle be collected?

Arrow downWhen will I get my vehicle back?

Arrow downWill I be sent an MOT reminder?

Arrow downWhat is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

Arrow downWhat do I do if my Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is blocked?

Arrow downWhat is AdBlue?

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