Drive electric with Salary Sacrifice

Get a brand new vehicle through work and start saving

The most cost effective way to drive a brand new electric car

If your employer has an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme you can drive a brand new EV which you pay for direct from your salary, before income tax, or any other deductions, which represents a great saving.

The amount you pay will depend on which EV you chose, your tax rate, the term you take the car over, and the annual mileage you will do. You do pay Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax on the list price of the car, but this is just 2% through to April 2025, then 3% in 2025/26, 4% in 2026/27, and 5% in 2027/28.

What is included?

The fixed monthly price you pay includes;

and you can add a home charge point if you want (charges apply).

There is no deposit, or credit check required, it really couldn't be simpler.

Benefits to you

What's included

With an electric salary sacrifice scheme there are no deposits or credit checks for salary sacrifice, and your monthly payment includes


Servicing & maintenance (inc glass & tyres)


Accident management


Breakdown cover

Leaseplan finance icon

Road tax



Working with the top brands

From chic city cars to versatile family SUVs, LeasePlan works with all the leading electric vehicle manufacturers. It means that employees have a wide choice, and can find the right model to suit their needs.

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