Top 10 cost saving tips for fleets

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From everyday fuel costs to unexpected repair bills, there are so many different things that can have a big effect on your organisation's bottom line. With fuel prices, insurance premiums and other costs on the rise, those considerations are more important than ever.

Number #1 concern

It's little surprise, therefore, that our research has found that costs are the number one concern among fleet managers. No matter the size of their organisation or the industry that it operates in, all fleets face the same pressure to make their budgets go further.

1. If you treasure it, measure it.

Before you reduce your costs, you need to know what they are - and what factors are driving them.

2. Consider Whole Life Costs.

Don't fixate solely on upfront costs. They're just part of the calculation, along with fuel, taxes, maintenance and more.

3. Offer the right choice of vehicles.

Update your company car choice list to include the most cost-effective vehicles for the job.

4. Drivers make the difference.

Train your employees in how to drive economically: saving fuel, avoiding accidents and minimising wear-and-tear.

5. Minimise fuel costs.

Choose more fuel-efficient vehicles, and consider switching to electric or hybrid cars.

6. Keep your vehicles on the road.

Downtime is expensive. Schedule servicing, maintenance, repairs and inspections carefully to keep it to a minimum.

7. Understand the tax implications.

Vehicle Excise Duty, Company Car Tax and capital allowances all depend on the vehicles you choose.

8. Avoid fines and other charges.

Congestion Charge, ULEZ and parking fines... They can mount up if you're not careful.

9. Get to grips with the grey fleet.

Letting your drivers use their own vehicles might seem convenient, but it can result in unnecessarily high costs.

10. Choose the best funding method.

Traditional company cars, ECO, Salary Sacrifice or a combination approach?

Fleet Costs 101

For more inspiration our Fleet Costs 101 Guide is a good place to start - containing tips and tactics to help reduce your fleet costs in the short, medium and long term.

Of course, the key to getting the most of your fleet budget and unlocking savings is having the right people with the right expertise around you. That's why we believe it's the people at LeasePlan that make the real difference to our customers. Because we know it's their expertise that adds the value that matters most to them.

How LeasePlan can help

At LeasePlan, we work hard to help our customers save money. We leverage our global purchasing power to get the best deals on your vehicles. We provide technical and operational support to help you run your fleet as efficiently as possible. And we produce annual Value Statements that make it easy to see where you have the most to gain.

Get in touch

If you are looking for help optimising your fleet budget please speak to a member of our expert team on 01753 802448 or complete our online form. We are always happy to hear from you.

Published at 5 August 2020
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5 August 2020
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