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    Tyres are one of the main reasons vehicles fail an MOT, so it's worth checking the condition of them before the test. If they need replacing, contact your DriverLine.

    To keep your car in top shape, remember to regularly check the condition of your tyres and keep an eye on your coolant, windscreen wiper fluid and oil levels.

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Is maintenance included in my contract? This will be in your contract or your fleet manager will know. If you’re still unsure, please call the DriverLine.How do I know when my vehicle needs an MOT? You can check your MOT status [here](targetBlank: and we’ll send you or your fleet manager reminders as your MOT due date approaches with instructions. If you have a maintained contract, call your DriverLine number and we'll get you booked in. If you arrange your own test, please book into a local approved MOT center.How far in advance should I book the MOT? We’ll only MOT a vehicle when it’s due one. If you have a maintained contract, you must use the Service Booking option on the DriverLine to book work. You can also book an MOT [online](targetBlank: Our MOT slots prioritise those most in need while ensuring your job is handled promptly. Booking directly with the garage will hamper our efforts to allocate the slots fairly, so we may reallocate bookings if they are not made through our Service Booking Line.Where can my vehicle be MOT'd? Please contact the DriverLine if you have a maintenance contract., you can also book an MOT [online](targetBlank: If you don’t, you can take your vehicle to any main dealer or independent garage to be serviced as long as: - The garage is a VAT registered business. - Any parts replaced are manufacturer approved with paperwork showing the work has been carried out. Please keep these documents as they will need to be returned with the vehicle at the end of your contract (if applicable). How long will the MOT take? The majority of vehicles that go in for an MOT are returned the same day if there are no complex issues. The vehicle should be ready for collection between 4pm - 5pm or delivered back to you between 4pm - 5.30pm - unless otherwise agreed. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific time. If any complex issues are found, your vehicle may be off the road for more than a day. If this happens, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and we’ll aim to return the vehicle as fast as we can. A courtesy vehicle may be available but we can’t promise a like for like one. We can provide you with a hire vehicle (at a cost) if you need one, depending on your contract. If you do get a replacement vehicle, please take the necessary steps to protect yourself from COVID-19 and check that all surfaces have been wiped down.Should I MOT the vehicle before returning it at the end of my contract? You may need to have your vehicle MOT'd before returning it depending on when the MOT is due. If the MOT is due before the vehicle is returned, then the vehicle must be MOT'd and confirmation of this provided when returning the vehicle.Can I get my vehicle MOT'd before its due? We will only MOT a vehicle when it’s required. If it does not need an immediate MOT, it won’t be booked in.What happens if my vehicle fails its MOT because of the tyres? Tyres are one of the main reasons vehicles fail an MOT, so it's worth checking the condition of them before the test. If they need replacing, contact your DriverLine. We will often use LP tyre centres for MOTs to ensure that if the vehicle needs tyres, we can fit them during the same visit to save you having to return.Can I get a copy of my MOT certificate? Yes - please contact the DriverLine and select the ‘MOT’ option. This is only available during regular business hours - 9am to 5pm. You can also request the original copy. If your contract includes maintenance, the garage will forward the certificate to LeasePlan. If it’s given to you, please send it to us - Fleet Administration, LeasePlan UK Ltd, 165 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4AA - as we're the registered keeper of the vehicle.

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