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We believe that accurate, up-to-the minute data gives fleet managers the power to run things much more effectively - and do more to look after their drivers.
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That's why we created our (award-winning), real-time vehicle off road (VOR) management tool and a daily defect-checking app. Here are a few of the benefits for your business.

UPtime Live

UPtime Live is our flagship, real-time VOR tool that can reduce downtime by as much as 75% a year - saving van customers nearly £2,400 a year, per vehicle.

It works in tandem with in-van telematics to roster services, inspections, defect rectification and other maintenance activities. As a result, we can proactively plan and manage 97.5% of all scheduled and unscheduled jobs, so we can deliver an average utilisation of 99.8% over 12 months.

The tool also captures, chases and manages events - freeing up fleet managers' time - and provides up-to-the-minute status updates for every VOR, helped by telematic geofencing that identifies when and where any CV enters or leaves a workshop.

Vans using this system averaged a VOR of just one day a year, per van - a quarter of the industry average.

My Vehicle Check app

UPtime Live is linked with our daily defect checking app, which is fully compliant with FORS and FTA Van Excellence.

This app for iOS, Android and Windows gives drivers an easy way to carry out their DVSA-recommended walk-around First Use Inspection checks and then upload their findings (including photographic images).

Working together to support you

Working together, these apps give fleet managers instant trend analysis for key segments of the defect checking process (mechanical, lights/glass, internal, tyres, and damage) as well as automatic reporting for 'problem vehicles'.

As a result, they can significantly improve fleet oversight, which is pivotal from both a compliance and safety perspective.

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For more information about downtime management , please get in touch with a member of our expert commercial vehicle team

Published at 14 September 2020
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14 September 2020
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