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Arrow downIf I have an accident, what should I do?

If your lease car is damaged, you need to report it to LeasePlan within 48 hours. You can easily report damage through our digital claim form.

Unilateral damage In most cases of unilateral damage, you don’t need to submit a European damage claim form. If you do need to submit the form, we will contact you.

Two-sided damage In all cases of two-sided damage, you will need to submit a damage claim form. Complete the form on the spot with the counterparty. If you don’t have a claim form with you, exchange contact information. You can also fill in a digital form and add the counterparty contact information to your claim.

Use your phone to take photos of both vehicles. Make sure to document the counterparty’s registration plate. You can add these photos to your damage report.

Damage by an unknown counterparty Was your car damaged by burglary, vandalism or an unknown counterparty? Please report this to the police as soon as possible.

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Arrow downAt which damages must the police be involved?

If your car was damaged by a break-in, vandalism, theft, roadkill, or an unknown counterparty (hit and run), please report this to the police at 114 144.

Don't forget to also report the damage to us within 48 hours via our digital claim form.

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Arrow downWhat do I do when I cause damage to another car, but I don't have damage myself?

Report the claim at our website together with the other party. If this is not possible, exchange contact information and report it at a later date.

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Self-service portal
Most cases can easily be handled in our self-service portal. You can for example book service, administrate your fuel cards, report mileage and find useful documents.
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Call LeasePlan: 08-470 26 00
Our regular opening hours are Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 17:00.
The road assistance is available every day, around the clock.
Write to us
Send a message to customer service. Our ambition is to get back to you within two working days. If your inquiry is urgent, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service at 08-470 26 00.

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