To lease or to buy ?

Some tips to choose with ease

Looking for a new car, but without the hassle of actually owning one? Then private leasing might be right up your alley. It is a carefree package that gives you the opportunity of driving the newest vehicles on the market and enjoying all the benefits of owning your ideal car, with peace of mind.

Not sure whether to buy or lease? Let’s compare both.

Lease vs. buy


    Private leasing No need to dip into your savings or to get a loan. You just pay a fixed monthly fee that includes taxes, insurance, roadside assistance, repairs, maintenance and tyres, replacement transport. You also have no risks with residual value and no unpredictable costs.

    Buying You pay the high initial cost of the vehicle with savings or a loan. You will also need to budget for regular costs like insurance and assistance, taxes and annual maintenance. Plus cover irregular expenses like repairs, tyres and more. The good news? When you sell the car, the money is yours to keep.

    Maintenance and repairs

    Private Leasing This is covered in your monthly fee. We take care of everything (administration, appointments, replacement car, ...)

    Buying Repairs & maintenance costs are your responsibility. Plus, you need to make time for administration and appointments.


    Private leasing Leasing requires you to commit – with contracts ranging from 24 months to 5 years. You decide how much you expect to drive each year at the start of your contract. And every time you renew, you can pick out the latest model.

    Buying Buying a car means you can choose make, model, colour or custom fittings – however you are limited to your budget. And remember, the more you drive the less your car will be worth when you sell it. Your car will depreciate in value a lot in the first year.

In a nutshell

Leasing your car with LeasePlan

Leasing means less hassle and more predictability.

  • No high purchase price
  • Fixed all inclusive monthly fee
  • No risks: maintenance and repair are included
  • Complete online overview with My LeasePlan

Buying a new car

Buying a car means there are some financial risks to keep in mind.

  • The car is yours
  • High car depreciation 1st year
  • High purchase price
  • Unpredictable monthly costs

Calculate the costs

If you buy a car, you’ll certainly consider the basic costs. Like interest, value, insurance and taxes. But what about repairs, maintenance, tyres and other unexpected charges?

Leasing includes all that and more, for a fixed monthly fee. But don’t take our word for it! Compare the costs for yourself.

Ready to lease?

Discover the best lease deals for your leasing purpose


Business lease

Business lease is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to keep your business on the move in a brand new car of your drivers' choice.


Private lease

Enjoy all the advantages of private lease such as; fixed monthly fee including maintenance and insurance.


Want to lease a van?

Configure your light commercial vehicle yourself, to fit the needs of your profession.


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