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Below you will find information about our company motor insurance and the updated terms and conditions.

Insurance terms & conditions

General insurance conditions (ENG)

Early termination insurance conditions (ENG)

Insurance conditions: Manufacturer deductible reduction (ENG)

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Other documents

General insurance product fact sheet (IPID) (ENG)

List of contract workshops

List of contract workshops in Excel

Own Damage (Casco) Warranty

Early termination form (SWE)

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The claims representative for LeasePlan Insurance (Euro Insurances DAC) is Claims Management Sverige AB (“CMS”) with corporate identity number 559281-1011. CMS reviews, validates and processes all claims for LeasePlan Insurance. All damages can be reported via, regardless if your vehicle is insured via LeasePlan Insurance, an external insurance company or has a manufacturer warranty (Swe: vagnskadegaranti).