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Fleet Balance

Fleet management is all about balancing LeasePlan Fleet Balance offers an integrated solution that enables you to evaluate, prioritise and leverage all aspects of your fleet, in a sustainable way. We work closely with you to determine where your fleet is today. Then we provide the support, solutions and advise to help you achieve sustainable fleet practices. With our expertise, we can help make a critical balancing act feel almost effortless.

What’s your perfect balance? Managing a fleet today is more complex than ever. It’s all about balancing costs with driver care and environmental concerns. To help you find the best balance for your fleet, LeasePlan offers you a short and easy test to set your ambition level.

Car Policy

A straightforward car policy A car policy, or policy for the allocation of company cars, is not just a list of vehicles authorised or unauthorised for different categories of staff. A carefully drawn up car policy simplifies relations with drivers since it constitutes a clear and transparent communication of the policy for the allocation of company cars.

How can you be sure of choosing vehicles which, in a certain category, represent the best price-quality ratio? How can you know if the concept of price represents all the elements associated with a company vehicle? Designing company vehicle assignment policy for personnel is not an easy thing. You need the advice of professionals and recommendations based on objective criteria.

LeasePlan 'Recommended Car Policy' To assist you, LeasePlan has developed a “Recommended Car Policy”: the “Recommended Car Policy” constitutes a matrix of vehicles best adapted to your needs. Each of these vehicles has received different ratings according to previously determined criteria and is then classified, according to the score obtained, in the following categories: Recommended Vehicles – Qualified Vehicles – Standard Vehicles.

Car policy design is an area where we would spend considerable time to ensure your policy is delivering cost savings and is as cost efficient as possible.

Ecological and efficient driving

GreenPlan is a green fleet management initiative by LeasePlan. It encourages clients around the world to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases. GreenPlan is a set of standards and goals, and it’s available in all LeasePlan countries. Besides these initiatives, LeasePlan offers FleetReporting. This reporting function gives fleet managers insight into CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and drivers’ behaviour. Of course, efficient driving doesn’t help only the environment. It also helps achieve significant fuel savings and reduced vehicle costs.


5 Golden rules of Eco-driving

Decreasing your greenhouse gas emissions, is also reducing your fuel consumption of 10 to 25 %, and thanks to a more quiet driving behaviour, your accidents rate. Here are 5 golden rules for the eco-driving:

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