Maintenance, repairs and tyres

Practical tips for taking good care of your car

A little attention goes a long way! Discover the best way to take care of your car – from regular maintenance and repairs to seasonal tyre changes.

Schedule the maintenance of your vehicle online

Now you have more time to devote to activities that really matter. Schedule your maintenance directly on our site. Enter the contact information, location and dates you want the service. Enter the current vehicle mileage and describe the services or the problem you wish to have fixed. The date and confirmation of the service will be sent by email.

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Make a reservation for your maintenance or repair
Fill out the following form and a confirmation for the service will be sent by email.
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    For ideal performance, check your tyre pressure every two months.

The freedom to drive even when your car is in the garage

Major repairs may take some time. But that doesn’t mean you have to change your plans! Depending on your contract, you might be able to get a short-term replacement car.

Call LeasePlan or your fleet manager to see if you’re entitled to a replacement car.

Have more questions? We’re here to help!

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