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Closed Calculation

Closed Calculation is a full service product and offers a full range of services, from which you can build your preferred solution. ComfortPlan is particularly suited to companies with medium and large size fleets.

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Open Calculation

This is our open calculation product and stands for flexibility, cost control, detailed management information and full and open disclosure. If you are looking for true partnership, this plan is your choice, particularly suited to companies with large fleets.

This plan lets clients benefit from an improved fleet performance. Giving peace of mind by generating trust and transparency on fleet costs.

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We manage your fleet

Even if you are the owner of your fleet you can benefit from the services of LeasePlan. OwnerPlan gives you the opportunity to make full use of LeasePlan's relationship with preferred suppliers and service options.

Standard services

Gestoría Plan

Gestoria (formality management) is a 100% requirement, differs in each state, is complex and fundamental for your fleet. LeasePlan has national coverage, a sound system, controls and (legal) expertise in offering gestoria.

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Sale and Lease Back

Does your organization already have a fleet? Does your company needs cashflow?

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