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We offer a 360° service – finding the right balance:

Always thinking of what's next, for you. Whether you would like it to be long term. Or you're just looking for a short-term solution. We are flexible. And so are our services. It's up to you.

Our services

Equipped with the industry knowledge, experience and expertise, our objective is to match optimal fleet management solution to your company's specific requirements. LeasePlan offers the following services.

LeasePlan offers the following services:

Gestoria management

Gestoria (formality management) is a 100% requirement, differs in each state, is complex and fundamental for your fleet. LeasePlan has national coverage, a sound system, controls and (legal) expertise in offering gestoria.

All activities related to:

Fuel card

LeasePlan Fuel Card is the service that allows you to manage the fuel of your fleet. Find the solution that suits your needs.


LeasePlan Telematics is a device that will help you have more control over your fleet in real time.

Our products

LeasePlan has designed solutions and has leasing and fleet management products that offer optimal value and cost-benefit. We are aware that large and medium-sized companies have different mobility needs.

Online fleet management. Less paperwork, less hassle for you

We have fast online tools for:

Online reporting Fleet Reporting is an innovative reporting tool that can be used via the internet. It gives fleet managers better control over the day-to-day running of their fleet. It tells customers all they need to know about their fleets, in real time. Simple, interactive and easy to understand reports are available.

Access to Fleet Reporting

Consultancy Services. What’s the next step for you?

Reviewing your company’s mobility. Improving sustainability. Reducing fleet costs. And ultimately optimising your fleet. Let us help make this complex process easier, for you. We have a dedicated team of consultants. Worldwide. Offering tailormade solutions.

Together we will look at what’s next for you:

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Choose LeasePlan for fleet outsourcing. The ultimate in fleet management

We understand what's next in cars, in mobility, and technology. So why not let us take care of keeping you company on the move. We will take all the hassle away.

Fleet outsourcing Your own team of LeasePlan fleet managers. Experts in managing your fleet. They are here for you and your employees. For advice. Or if any problems arise. But they will also take control of all the paperwork.

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