How to charge an EV

All you need to know about charging

How to recharge your battery at home, work, or in public

Whether you use a home charging point or a public one, it is easy to charge your battery if you follow the simple steps you’ll find below.

Home charging

Charging at home almost always allows you to have a fully charged electric car. However, it’s not possible to install a home charging station in all homes. If home charging is for you, you need to know all the advantages and benefits of using household power. You will need to consult an expert to learn about the different types of home charging stations and how you can install your own, if that is feasible.

Public charging

The number of public charging stations is multiplying every year. You no longer need to worry about finding an available charging station on your journey as the network keeps growing. If you opt for public charging, you will need to know the different types of stations you can find since they differ in speed, cost and usage method.

Charging speeds: How fast can I charge my vehicle?

  1. The answer is - it depends.

    The charging speed of an electric car depends on several factors. Different types of charging points offer different speeds and your electric car will be limited by its ability to receive and convert electrical energy.

7.4 kW power output

  • 50 KWH EVBATTERY7h45m
  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY10h

11 kW power output

  • 50 KWH EVBATTERY5h15m
  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY6h45m

50 kW power output

  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY1h20m

150 kW power output

  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY27m

This is for illustrative purposes only and charging times may differ depending on vehicle. Typically at 80% charge battery charging speed will slow.

Make the most out of electric charging

When, where and how regularly you charge an electric vehicle can make a difference in the benefits you gain from using it. Proper planning can further maximize the benefit of using an electric car compared to a car with a conventional engine.

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Charge your electric car at home

By charging your electric car's battery at home you can reduce your annual transportation cost by up to 60%. To further reduce the cost of charging your electric car, you can combine this with the use of solar energy at home. Charging your EV’s battery using the sun is not only an exceptionally green thing to do; it's almost free!

Choose the best app

While out and about during the day, you may need more than one app to charge your electric car. Using an app with information about all chargers is recommended to help you find the charger/application that best suits you based on your destination

EV charging FAQs

What are the different ways to charge an EV? You can charge your electric car at home, at work, or at a public station on the road.How can I charge my EV at home? If you have a parking space where you live, you can install your own charging station. If you live in an apartment building or residential complex, you will need to talk to the building manager, the owner of the property, your other co-owners or other tenants before installing one. If your home does not have a parking space, you should be able to easily find a public parking space with a charging station nearbyHow can I charge an EV on the road? Public charging points are a good way to charge your electric car wherever you are when taking a break. In order to know where to find public charging stations, you will need to install certain apps on your mobile phone.What happens if my EV runs out of battery? It’s not a good idea to allow your battery to reach 0% while on the road. It is recommended to find a charging station as soon as you realize that your battery is low. However, if your battery has reached 0%, then there's not much you can do. You will need to call roadside assistance and have your car towed, just as you would if you ran out of petrol or diesel.