Return your car

Easy returns at the end of your contract

When your contract expires, the time has come to say goodbye to your car. Below you will find tips that will make the procedure as easy as possible.

Return or buy

You can return your rented car and choose the next one or buy it and continue driving it.

Worry-free returns in just a few steps

When it’s time to return your car, follow the guidelines below.

    Preparing for return

    Upon returning the vehicle, you must also deliver the following:

    Make sure the car is clean and all your personal items have been removed.

    Ways to return your car

    Collection point You can return your car in Athens, by calling us to our call center +30 2106100050, to one of our car return centers:

    Or check other authorized LeasePlan partners in Greece here.

    Pick up service Let us handle returns for you (with extra cost). We will send someone to pick up your car at the location you choose. Contact us at +30 2106100050 about the pickup and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Final inspection to check your car’s condition

    When delivering the car, our partner will provide you with your return form. This document includes the recording of the condition of the car, the date of its return and the final mileage at that time.

    We will then perform a technical inspection by an independent partner. A few scuffs and scratches are just a part of daily use. But for more serious damage, there may be an additional charge.

    View our wear and tear guidelines to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

    > Fair Wear & Tear - Cars

    > Fair Wear & Tear - Commercial Vehicles


    Report damage as soon as it occurs. And schedule repairs right away. It’s the best way to avoid end-of-contract charges.