EV leasing from LeasePlan

An EV costs much less to drive, produces fewer emissions, and creates a much smaller carbon footprint than a conventional petrol or diesel-powered car. At LeasePlan, we make it easy for you to lease the latest EVs from the top manufacturers. Whether you want to drive a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or fully electric vehicle, we’ve got the car for you. Choose from our wide selection of business and private lease options.

Business lease: The future is electric

An EV costs less and reduces your company's overall pollutant footprint. With LeasePlan allowing you to drive the latest EVs from leading manufacturers, all for a fixed, budget-friendly monthly fee you can surpass the competition today.

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Private lease: The next step in your driving journeys

Driving electric has never been so easy or affordable. With LeasePlan’s Private Lease offers, you can switch to a more sustainable lifestyle – without a long wait and at a fixed monthly fee. Even better, EVs are quieter and more enjoyable to drive. Choose the electric car that suits your lifestyle. Plug into freedom today.

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FAQs about electric driving

What is an electric vehicle? An electric vehicle, also known as an EV, uses one or more electric motors. The energy used to power an EV is stored in the battery and the battery is charged at a charging station (at home, at work or in a public place). What are the differences between EVs and ICEs? EVs differ from conventional cars with an internal combustion engine. For example, an EV has: - A silent engine and automatic transmission with a single gear - No tailpipe emissions - More internal space due to lack of a bulky engine - A battery that needs to be recharged. How safe are electrical vehicles? Electric vehicles are safe just like conventional vehicles. The way they are manufactured and safety precautions taken reduce any risk to an absolute minimum, meaning you can enjoy their unique driving experience without a worry in the world.