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Leasing of Light Commercial Vehicles

Fleet Management is all about mobility. And when it comes to Light Commercial Vehicles, this is even more crucial than with regards to passenger cars. The fact is that an LCV is often vital for the business of the companies that own them. So any time the vehicle spends off the roads tends to have immediate - and substantial - impact on business performance.


    Customized to your needs

    The choice, the equipment and the internal structure are up to you and your specific business needs

    Competitive lease prices

    SpecialDeals for vans

    Services are included

    No more worrying about service, maintenance, tire change, insurance or road taxes for your van, because we take care of all this

    Tax Benefits

    VAT of the monthly lease of your vans is offset by the VAT to be reimbursed


Choose van leasing if you...

  • Don't want to pay in advance for the van purchase
  • Want to distribute costs and plan ahead for spending (regular payments)
  • Want to minimize unforeseen costs
  • Don't want to add a vehicle to your balance sheet assets and want to improve your liquidity by taking advantage of offsetting VAT
  • Want to ensure that you’ll always have a vehicle at your disposal (roadside assistance, replacement vehicle)
  • Want a complete insurance package
  • Don't want to spend time managing your vehicle (s), but rather focus solely on running your business

Are you a professional, looking for a LCV?


You deliver because we deliver

LCV Leasing helps you to manage your LCV fleet so that you can deliver your products and services to your clients both effectively and efficiently.

LCV Leasing helps you to manage your LCV fleet so that you can deliver your products and services to your clients both effectively and efficiently.

A solution to meet your needs

LeasePlan has developed a seven-step methodology that meets all your needs. A specialist LCV consultant analyses the specifics of your business and assesses the importance of your fleet to your business objectives.

All steps in the methodology are supported by specific LCV relationship management. This will help you to reach the best results with your fleet, both when it comes to advice on which cars to select and in solving operational issues.

  1. Assessment: we analyse your business objectives and mobility needs in relation to your fleet strategy and operating modalities.
  2. Leasing solution: based on the results of this analysis, we develop a tailored solution covering vehicles, equipment, stickering, services and driver management.
  3. Quotation: we supply you with a quote for the right vehicle and equipment, together with appropriate terms of service, mileage and contract duration.
  4. Operational support: we provide ongoing support from delivery to renewal, aimed at minimising off-road time in accordance with the contract terms.
  5. Renewal: we ensure there’s a smooth contractual transition from your old to your new vehicle, without causing any disruption to your business. We also look at the opportunities for reusing your current ancillary equipment.
  6. Remarketing: at the end of the contract, we make a careful appraisal of the vehicle’s value and ensure the old contract is terminated (and, where necessary, replaced by a new one) without any unpleasant surprises.
  7. Review result: we use monitoring tools and dedicated surveys to optimise your fleet’s cost efficiency and mobility status. The aim is to guarantee client satisfaction and driver satisfaction alike.

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