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We deliver best in class services to our drivers by selecting our partners with care, controlling quality and cost thanks to the smart use of data, technical knowhow and state-of-art digital tools.

Our innovative approach takes managing repairs, maintenance and tyres to the Next Level! Why? Because we take ownership of every stage of a car’s lifecycle. Ensuring a better experience and greater satisfaction for our clients and drivers. It’s the hassle-free way to get you back on the road, sooner and safer. And with our scale and expertise, we provide absolute convenience for everyone.

LeasePlan services for drivers

The safety and comfort of our drivers is of utmost importance for us. LeasePlan offers a comprehensive suite of services:

Maintenance & Repair Leaseplan maintains and repairs your car at the authorised network of manufacturers in order to provide you with superior service.

Tyres Leaseplan cooperates with the largest tyre manufacturers providing high-quality tyres for safe driving.

Accidents & Theft In case of accident or theft Leaseplan is next to you 24/7 by providing:

  • Accident Care by calling Driver's Help Line (210 6100050)
  • Road Assistance
  • Replacement Car
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My LeasePlan

With our online tools you have access to all of LeasePlan's services and the information you need to keep moving, safely and effectively:

  • Instant communication with LeasePlan
  • Report theft/damage
  • Report accident
  • Maintenance planning and repairs
  • Information on road assistance
  • Report your mileage
  • Change of tires
  • Green card application
  • Information on vehicle return procedure

Contract ending?

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More about returning your car

LeasePlan wants you to remember the following:

  • The driver must comply with traffic regulations. In case of imposition of a related fine (traffic, municipal police), the driver must immediately arrange for the payment of the relevant amount.
  • In case of loss of documents or of a key, please inform LeasePlan without delay.
  • It is not allowed to carry out any modification or addition to the car without the written approval of LeasePlan.