Discover the benefits of leasing

Easy, trustworthy and affordable

Leasing means driving a brand new car, for a fixed monthly fee that includes all maintenance and repairs. No nasty surprises and all the support you need from our team of experts. At LeasePlan, we guarantee convenience, clarity, and the highest quality vehicles for a fixed low fee per month.

Why LeasePlan

With over 50 years of experience in 32 countries, LeasePlan helps to get you where you need to go, hassle-free. Our extensive range of vehicles, the very best service, and smart online tools make driving a pleasure.

Competitive prices

You want a good, all-in-one monthly fee for your new car. We can offer you competitive prices. One fee, no surprises.

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Competitive prices
Personal advice

Can't find the offer you were looking for? Is that one car not available? Reach out and our sales team will give you personal advice.

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Personal advice
Clear terms

Hard to read contracts? Non-user friendly terms? We don't like them one bit. We give you clear and simple terms, in an easy to read contract.

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Clear terms
24/7 service

Whatever the cause, if you need us, you can contact us. 24/7! Our service team and pit crew is always on stand-by.

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24/7 service

Order your lease car in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose your car or van

    We always have good car leasing offers. You can also configure your car together with our advisors, compare with other car models and prices. Or, if you have already obtained an offer from a car dealer, you can also send it to us.

  2. Learn about our leasing services

    Our leasing contracts always include maintenance/tyres' change/insurance/road taxes and access to 24/7 customers support (phone & online). It's smart to collect all car costs in one place and make use of great discounts and prices.

  3. Sign with e-signature and pay with standing order (direct debit)

    Once you have decided which car you want, we will proceed to the credit approval proccess -see below documents needed for financial control. After this step, we will set up an agreement that you sign with e-signature. Then, we order the car. You pay with standing order (direct debit) and you have e-invoicing.

  4. On road and car delivery

    Once you've got your new car, you can drive away and know exactly what you have in car expenses. If nothing special happens during the lease period, you do not need to contact us. With our Online Service Platforms (MyLeasePlan & the LeasePlan app) and the My Profile and My Car pages you have a good overview of your leasing contract. Should you need advice or a conversation we are there for you. When the deal expires, it is easy to return the car and choose a new one. This is how the submission process begins with LeasePlan.

Ready to lease?

Check what documents we might need from you to perform a financial audit. And take a look at our tax guide to avoid any tax surprises.

    Tax guide

    Everything you need to know about tax and leasing.

    > Download the guide

Lease vs Buy

Deciding how to finance your vehicle is an important decision. Whether you lease or buy a car can impact your business and your life, so we created an overview of the main things to keep in mind when making that decision.

The benefits of leasing with LeasePlan

Leasing means less hassle and more predictability.

  • No high purchase price
  • Full insurance coverage
  • 24/7 driver care
  • No risks: Full maintenance, repairs and road assistance included
  • Fixed all-inclusive monthly fee
  • Flexibility with contracts from 36 to 60 months
  • A new car on every lease period
  • Complete online overview with My LeasePlan

Buying a new car

Buying a car means there are some financial risks to keep in mind.

  • The car is yours
  • High car depreciation 1st year
  • High purchase price
  • Unpredictable monthly costs
  • No monthly lease payments
  • Profits from car sales are yours to keep

Special Deals

Whether you are a private individual, a freelancer, medium-sized company or a multinational with a large fleet, business lease is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to keep your business on the move in a brand-new car of your choice. 

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LCV leasing

Looking for an LCV to keep your business on the move? View our special leasing offers or customize one to your company’s needs. 

LCV leasing

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