EV home charging

Learn how to charge at home

Different ways to charge at home

There are two different ways to charge your electric vehicle at home: one is by using a standard socket; the other is with a home EV charging station. When you plug your electric car into a socket at home, charging is slower and can take more than 15 hours, depending on the total battery capacity and how full the battery was when you first started charging. However, the most convenient and fastest solution by far is to install a home charger.

So, what’s the best charging solution for your situation? Read on to find out more.

Can I install a home charger?

Different ways to charge at homeDo you rent a house with a private parking? Contact your landlord and ask whether you can install a charger.Do you own a house with a private parking? Great! You can set up a private charging point that meets your needs.Do you live in an apartment building or residential complex with a private parking? Then, you’ll need to get permission from other residents. In this case there are many parties involved, so the process may take a little longer. Sometimes additional facilities may also be required to enable the charger to be installed.Do you own or rent a home with no private parking? Sometimes you can request a public charging point in your area via your municipality. Each municipality handles this matter differently. Contact your own local municipality to learn about the options and terms and conditions.

Home charging stations for EVs

The most convenient charging method

Safe, convenient and easy to use, a home charging station allows you to charge your car while at home. Just plug your electric car in when you get home, start charging using the charging card or schedule charging at a specific time of the day so your car is ready when you want to use it.

Charging time from empty to full

7.4 kW power output

  • 50 KWH EV BATTERY7h45m
  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY10h 

11 kW power output

  • 50 KWH EV BATTERY5h15m
  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY6h45m

50 kW power output

  • 50 KWH EV BATTERY53m
  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY1h20m

150 kW power output

  • 50 KWH EV BATTERY18m
  • 75 KWH EV BATTERY27m