Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG

For us at LeasePlan, contributing to society and sustainability are priorities and a fundamental principle guiding our presence in the Greek market. That’s because we consider ourselves an integral part of society and of the environment in which we operate. The 3 key pillars we focus on:

2022 Annual Report



With more than 40,000 cars on the road, LeasePlan gives back to the environment through a comprehensive project of reforestation and wildlife protection activities, with the main objective of restoring the environment in areas impacted by the destructive fires of the summer of 2021. In cooperation with We4All, LeasePlan has undertaken the reforestation of Poikilo Mountain and Mount Ymittos, as well as the restoration of a forest area in the northern part of Evia Island, which was devastated by wildfires. 6,000 saplings in total have already been planted in Northern Evia, with the emphasis given to planting fast-growing species, aiming to empower the local community and economy, which suffered from the wildfire consequences. Naturally, wildfires, climate change and human activity afflict wild fauna, as well.


Wildlife protection

Therefore, LeasePlan has decided to support ANIMA, the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife, and thus contribute to the emblematic cause of the association and its people, through providing aid to and helping wildlife rehabilitate.


Safety and Contribution

As part of our new Safety and Contribution programme, we decided to replace the corporate gifts we’ve been traditionally giving to our customers and associates, which were usually alcoholic beverages, with a major contribution to KETHEA (the Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals) thereby giving something of value back to society.


“Blood Drive” with Bloode

Working with the Greek team of the NGO Bloode, we relaunched our Voluntary Blood Donation activity. At the same time as systematic internal voluntary blood donations, we also participated in three blood donations that are open to the public, with the ultimate goal of securing blood supplies to meet the country's daily blood needs.


Support Marousi Social Grocery

LeasePlan's employees managed to collect food and necessities for the Marousi Social Grocery worth over € 1,000, a figure which the company management decided to double. This move helped support families and residents of the Municipality of Marousi in vulnerable social groups.


Collaboration with “Deipno Agapis”

We covered the cost of one week's meals for homeless fellow citizens (offering a total of 1,050 meals) in collaboration with “Deipno Agapis”. Employees also made three voluntary trips, distributing food and basic necessities to homeless people.


And more...


The culture of giving and volunteering

LeasePlan aims to continue to increase the frequency of voluntary initiatives. We also recognise that volunteering is not only offered by the company through its donations, but also by our people through their initiatives and their willingness to contribute. That's why we always ensure that we keep them informed, involve them and show them the way. LeasePlan's staff is actively involved in this endeavour, contributing to the activities themselves, always with a sense of eagerness and enthusiasm!