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LeasePlan Hellas

LeasePlan has been operating in Greece since 2003 and is an 100% subsidiary of LeasePlan Corporation N.V. During our presence in the Greek market, we have devised a dynamic and steady upward course, offering high-quality operating leasing services and innovative solutions that meet our customers' needs. Our mission is to make corporate fleet management and mobility of the drivers easier and provide "any car, anytime, anywhere".​ ​


Our customers

Our customer base exceeds 1,900 partnerships and consists of large, medium and small companies that move across the spectrum of business and freelance professionals and individuals.

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Fleet management solutions

Careers at LeasePlan. Join the team and be a part of a dynamic, growing business.

Careers at LeasePlan. Join the team and be a part of a dynamic, growing business.

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Doing business in a responsible way

The LeasePlan Code of Conduct explains how we must approach our business dealings. The Code of Conduct is founded on sound business ethics and respect for stakeholders and society. By setting high standards, we give clients, suppliers and business partners the confidence to work with us.

Our Code of Conduct guides all employees in their efforts to balance the interests of people, the planet and profit. When conducting business for LeasePlan, consultants, contractors, agents and joint venture partners are all expected to observe the same standards of conduct as LeasePlan employees.

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