Highway Code: How much do we actually adhere to it?

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Drivers love cars and the freedom they offer. However, all drivers must comply with one fundamental rule, while being behind the wheel; the Highway Code.

In order to avoid offensive behaviors, it is worth seeing to what extent we actually observe the Highway Code. What are the most common traffic offenses and in which prefectures do they take place? This article will show through simple steps how drivers can behave properly and avoid offenses. A very important parameter, of course, is the updated Greek Highway Code, which, based on current data, will take effect during the following autumn. What is really changing and why are these changes very much related to drivers' compliance with the Code? Let's have a look at each issue separately:

Firstly, what are the most frequent offenses and where do they happen?

According to the report of the Hellenic Police for the year 2020, published in 2021, on the basis of the violations registered, illegal parking comes first and wins big! Fines exceed the amount of EUR 250,000. The second most frequent offense, with just over 200,000 incidents, is that of speeding. By taking a closer look at the relevant tables, it is noted that the total number of offenses reaches 869,000, while the months during which most of them are recorded are April and October. Of course, the locations where most offenses take place are of some interest. Undoubtedly, the country's largest region, Attica, holds the lead, and Crete follows.

According to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), things are not so different on a European level, either. Speeding is the number one reason for road deaths in Europe with 25% being caused due to alcohol consumption. In fact, the ETSC has created an interactive map of EU member states, in order to highlight the policies implemented by various countries on the issue.

How to avoid committing offenses?

Although the tips found below may seem trivial, they are still a good reminder for drivers who want to take drastic measures towards complying with the Greek Highway Code.

It goes without saying that the first rule is to avoid driving while being under the influence of alcohol. If that’s the case, a sober driver must drive the vehicle or, otherwise, another means of transport should be preferred.

It is important to know and strictly adhere to the speed limit of the road you are driving in each time. Let us not forget that speeding further reduces the driver's field of vision and requires greater concentration, thus leading to eye fatigue. That is why, drivers must focus on the road alone, in order to stay alert either in case of danger or even at intersections and roundabouts.

Obviously, everybody wants to reach their destination safely, and this can be achieved through compliance with the Highway Code. This applies not only for those behind the wheel, but also for pedestrians or co-drivers, who might be hurt in case of an accident.

What changes will be made with the new Greek Highway Code?

Although not much has yet been released, according to the news reports, the new Greek Highway Code provides for an electronic form of fines. The aim is to stop the cancellation of fines and reduce speed limits in line with European data. Besides, any change aiming at enhancing compliance with the Highway Code is always welcome.

Published at June 22, 2022
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June 22, 2022

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