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We change our driving behavior, according to the Highway Code!

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What fine will we have to pay if we do not stop at the red traffic light? What discount is it applied on the imposed fine if we pay it within ten days, since it no longer is 50%? Does the amount we have to pay change if we repeat a wrong driver behaviour three times? Does our income affect the amount of the fine? Are there cases where sanctions are imposed instead of fines?

We can now easily find answers to the above questions and more, as the new law on “Regulating matters pertaining to transportation and other provisions” has been published in the Greek Government Gazette. As you will see, it includes modifications that concern us all: from taxi drivers to cyclists and from private car drivers to big companies.

The fact that both the frequency with which accidents are caused when driving and the annual income of the drivers are taken into account is particularly interesting, since, depending on these factors, the fine may even be tripled. The degree of risk (low, medium, high) and the antisocial driving behaviour can also lead to unexpected, or not so much, surprises!

The updated Highway Code has been in force since March 2018, with the exception of cases where Ministerial Decisions must be issued, for which the regulations that have been applicable so far are still in force, until the said decisions are issued. In order to be aware of all the consequences in case you make any mistake while on the road… make sure you read the articles 23 to 32 (in Greek) and learn today everything about tomorrow!

Disclaimer: This is not an interpretation of the Law and LeasePlan bears no responsibility. Please refer to the relevant sources for the legislation in force.

Published at June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2018

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