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“Kinoume Ilektrika 2”

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The platform for the submission of application for the participation in the program "Kinoume Ilektrika 2" of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy is a necessary subsidy that shifting to electric more attractive while securing the most beneficial terms.

What is "Kinoume Ilektrika"

The program "Kinoume Ilektrika" was presented for the first time in the summer of 2020, with the purpose of increasing the demand for EVs in Greece. It provides for the subsidy for the purchase or leasing of electricprivate vehicles, taxis, bicycles and two-wheel motor vehicles. The program aims to reduce the initial cost of electric cars, and as a result to make the transition to EVs more attractive to individuals and companies.

Besides, according to LeasePlan’s “EV Readiness 2022” research, Greece has improved the most in the EV TCO index, by showing an increased EV market share as well as lower TCO for electric vehicles.

During the first cycle of the program, which started in 2020, the subsidy rate was 20% of the vehicle’s value, while now it will be up to 30%, with a maximum subsidy of € 8,000 per vehicle. A provision is also made for the subsidy of the purchase of a smart home charger as well as an additional reward of € 1,000 for the withdrawal of an old vehicle. Moreover, the subsidy is significantly higher, when it comes to Companies operating on islands. Subsidy beneficiaries are natural persons (individuals), legal persons (companies) as well as taxi owners.

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10 useful answers about "Kinoume Ilektrika 2"

Does the subsidy for an EV also apply to leased vehicles? Yes! Actually, this cycle comes with better terms when compared to the first one. In the past, there was a condition of purchasing the vehicle at the end of the leasing period; however, this condition is now repealed. This decision will facilitate the replacement of old polluting company fleets, as any company interested in this could receive a subsidy for simple EV leasing, without the obligation of purchasing any vehicle.

Does the subsidy apply only for pure EVs or for hybrid EVs as well? It applies exclusively for pure electric vehicles.

Are only electric passenger cars subsidized? The subsidy also refers to LCVs of a maximum mass of 3.5 tons.

Based on which price is the subsidy calculated? On the vehicle's pre-tax retail price (PTRP). The PTRP is the total sum of the industrial price, the shipping costs and the profit, i.e. the price that includes no tax. The after-tax price refers to the VAT added to the PTRP, thus defining the total purchase cost.

How many EVs can be subsidized per company? The subsidy of the 30% of the amount or of a maximum amount of € 8,000 covers a fleet of 1 to 20 vehicles. In the case of more than 20 vehicles, the subsidy rate will reach 20%, with a maximum amount of € 6,000. For companies operating on the islands, an additional €4,000 per vehicle is added to the total subsidy amount!

In case of leasing, how is the subsidy paid? An easy way to deal with it is the advanced payment provided in the leasing contract to be at least equal to the subsidy amount. In this way, the beneficiary receives the subsidy directly and as a result, the monthly lease fee is automatically reduced.

If I choose an electric passenger car with a price of € 30,000 (pre-tax retail price) and wish to add equipment, accessories etc., thus paying a total price of € 35,000, based on which price will the subsidy be calculated? It will be calculated based on the price of the basic model and shall not include any additional equipment. It will therefore be calculated based on the price of € 30,000.

In case I order a vehicle and its delivery takes place after a long period of time, is there a risk of losing the subsidy because of the exhaustion of available resources? Priority (and the right) applies with the submission of the initial application for the participation to the program. That means that by the moment the order is approved, the availability of the subsidy is ensured for up to 15 after the application submission.

Is the purchase of a charger for company use subsidized as well? Yes. Companies can be subsidized with € 400 for any changing point with a maximum number of chargers equal to the number of subsidized cars applied for. A subsidy of € 1,000 for each vehicle withdrawal. **

Which are the necessary procedures, so that an application is accepted in the subsidy program?** A simple contact with your partner in LeasePlan Hellas is the only thing you need to do. We will take care of the rest.

Published at August 30, 2022
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August 30, 2022

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