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The new way of driving

Buisness lease by LeasePlan offers freedom of choice. We offer a wide range of well-known brands and models in different price ranges.

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3 reasons to drive electric

  1. sustainabilitySustainable

    Driving electric means zero CO2 emissions which is better for the environment. As countries and cities moves towards zero emissions regulations, making the switch now means you're ahead of the curve.

  2. greatPriceEuroEconomical

    Charging with electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel, in addition EVs usually comes with attractive tax breaks. Electric engines require less maintenance, saving you time, money and hassle.

  3. happyCustomerEasy and fun

    Driving an electric vehicle is smooth, quiet and comfortable. Charging networks are growing and fast charging technology is improving meaning EVs have a longer range and quicker charging times.

Featured vehicles

Polestar 2
Two words to describe this polished, all-electric fastback?
Ford Mustang EV
Does this EV live up to its muscle-car eponym?

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EV requires less maintenance while prices for electricity is lower than petrol and diesel.

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FAQs about sustainable mobility

What is a best deal? Our best deals are on lease cars where the options have already been selected. That means that the options package for each popular model guarantees the best price and shortest delivery time. We choose the most popular options and order these best deals in large quantities, so you can take advantage of the discounts. If you're putting a car package together yourself, you can choose whatever options you want, so you can create the car of your dreams online.Which additional documents can be requested during a credit check? When you place an order with us, we first carry out a credit check. LeasePlan cooperates with an independent credit company for this purpose. To determine your credit status, (one or more) additional documents can sometimes be requested during this process. Here’s an overview of the eight documents that can still be requested afterwards. •A copy of the articles of association •An attestation of the social security service •A deed of guarantee •A financial plan •Interim figures (for example of the annual accounts, profit and loss account, balance sheet, etc.) •A memorandum of incorporation •The most recent balance sheet •A personal tax billWhat is included in my lease agreement? •Repairs, maintenance, and tyre replacement in case of normal wear and tear •Damage repairs •Window repairs •Registration taxes and road taxes •Civil liability, risk retention (damage risks assumed by customer), legal assistance, and driver’s insurance •The deductible depends on the model you selected •The number of kilometres within the mileage selected mileage package. •European roadside assistance including a replacement vehicle for five days in case of full immobilisation on the road (technical breakdown or accident). •Replacement vehicle in case of repairs and restorations taking more than 24 hours •Our assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week •Your car’s financing •Years of driving enjoyment How can I add additional services, such as a petrol card or winter tyres? We will contact you after you have submitted your application. We will discuss possible additional services and you can decide whether or not to add services to your application.What are the payment options? Direct debit from your account is the only payment option for monthly lease payments.
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