New milestone: Ayvens reaches half a million Electric Vehicles on the road

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Ayvens is pleased to announce that it has reached a historic milestone of half a million funded Electric Vehicles (EV) confirming its position as the largest multi-brand EV fleet worldwide.
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<p>As disclosed in its third quarter and nine months 2023 results, Ayvens’ EV penetration reached 34% in new passenger car registrations over 9M 2023, 37% of which were in Q3 2023 alone. This outstanding performance compares very favourably to the European market which stood at 22% in 9M 2023. Ayvens’ BEV and PHEV penetration stood at 21% and 13% respectively in 9M 2023, well ahead of the market.</p><p>At the end of 2022, ALD Automotive and LeasePlan operated a combined fleet of 380,000 EVs and, in less than 9 months, Ayvens reached this landmark figure, with Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) representing a clear majority of the overall EV fleet. This significant increase illustrates the effectiveness of Ayvens’ business model in facilitating the adoption of EVs, notably in corporate fleets, and confirms its leading role in the transition to sustainable mobility.</p><p>To further accelerate the energy transition, Ayvens has recently announced new EV targets as part of PowerUP 2026, its 3-year strategic plan. It aims to have EVs representing 50% of its new car registrations by 2026, i.e., 40% will be BEV and 10% will be PHEV, representing a strong increase from 28% in 2022. The company also aims to quadruple the use of its full bundled electric product by 2026 up to 400,000 contracts, by making it simple to choose electric thanks to end-to-end turnkey EV solutions including consultancy, charging and reporting solutions.</p><p>This increasing share of EVs, driven by BEV, will significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of Ayvens’ running fleet to less than 90g/km on average by 2026 vs. 112g/km in 2022, which is an impactful and immediate contribution to the company’s climate strategy and in line with its Net Zero 2050 trajectory.</p><p>“This new milestone clearly underscores our commitment to accelerating the take-up of electric vehicles and is fully aligned with our PowerUP 2026 strategic plan and our new brand promise,” confirms Tim Albertsen, Group CEO of Ayvens. “With 3.4 million vehicles managed worldwide and the world’s largest multi-brand EV fleet, we can leverage our unique position to lead the way to net zero. We have an important role to play in the democratisation of EVs to facilitate this transition, and in the greening of vehicles fleets globally. Using our industry leadership to shape the future of mobility, we are committed to making sustainable mobility an easy choice for all.”</p><p></p>

A business model based on sustainability

Ayvens’ unique and diversified business model fully supports its sustainable objectives, notably through a broad range of solutions and services for clients and partners through greener powertrains or alternative mobility solutions, positioning the company as a key stakeholder in the EV ecosystem.

Supporting clients towards a successful EV transition 

Ayvens has a strong EV programme in place to support its clients throughout their electrification journey, from defining their strategy to controlling their actual costs and carbon footprint. Powered by a 3.4 million vehicles data set and tools co-developed with its strategic clients, dedicated consultancy teams play an important role in providing advice and expertise to help clients optimise their car policy for both passenger cars and LCVs, including the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the CO2 footprint, while achieving sustainability objectives. This includes a 5-step methodology approved by hundreds of clients in 44 countries:

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A growing portfolio of used EVs

With the increasing proportion of new EVs in Ayvens’ fleet, and given the extended life expectancy of EVs, this ultimately represents a growing portfolio of well-maintained used EVs which can be made available for lease at attractive prices across multiple leasing cycles and channels. Ayvens aims to have 300,000 funded contracts by 2026 (vs. 180,000 in 2022) as part of its flexible subscription and used car lease offering, to further diversify its service offering and improve access to EVs. These vehicles will ultimately be made available for sale through Ayvens’ global multi-channel remarketing platform, ALD Carmarket, which represents more than 600,000 vehicles sold each year to a large range of buyers across 40 countries.

An increasingly “green” partnership network  

With 430 distribution partnerships worldwide, Ayvens is an industry pioneer in the indirect distribution of full-service leasing services. The company has built up a broad network of partnerships over the past ten years, notably with OEMs. New entrants and traditional OEMs in the European market partner with Ayvens to accelerate their footprint in the growing electric vehicle market, notably through fully digital solutions, and to diversify their distribution model for EVs by offering white-labelled full-leasing services to large corporates, SMEs and consumers. These partnerships contribute to Ayvens’ sustainable growth strategy as a key stakeholder in the energy transition, and fully support the company’s commitment to providing innovative and flexible mobility solutions.

Starting from a solid foundation and building on the decades-long legacies of two automotive leasing leaders, Ayvens’ ambition is to become the global leader in sustainable mobility. This historic milestone is proof of the company’s commitment to shaping the future of mobility and leveraging its power of leadership to lead the way to net zero.

About Ayvens

Ayvens is the leading global sustainable mobility player committed to making life flow better. Ayvens was created in 2023 through the merger of ALD Automotive and LeasePlan. We have been improving mobility for decades, providing full-service leasing, flexible subscription services, fleet management and multi-mobility solutions to large international corporates, SMEs, professionals, and private individuals. With 15,700 employees across 44 countries, 3.4 million

vehicles and the world’s largest multi-brand EV fleet,

we are leveraging our unique position to lead the way to net zero and spearhead the digital transformation of the mobility sector. (The company is listed on Compartment A of Euronext Paris (ISIN: FR0013258662; Ticker: ALD). Societe Generale Group is Ayvens’ majority shareholder.)

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Published at November 20, 2023
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November 20, 2023
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