Accidents and claims

Help – anytime, anywhere

If you are involved in an accident or suffer a breakdown, safety is our number one priority. Use the information below to get help quickly.

Burglary and theft

In the event of theft or damage due to burglary, first report the incident to the police:

Then notify LeasePlan on 0800 845 650 and send us the police report. If you are not insured through LeasePlan, please also notify your insurance company.

Accidents involving another vehicle

  1. Fill out a European accident statement form

    You will find the European accident statement form in your glove compartment

  2. Take photos

    Take a photo of the other vehicle, including its licence plate

  3. Report the accident

    Please send the police report to

Accidents/damage not involving other vehicles

  1. Please fill out the accident report

    Please fill out the claim form. You can download it here in our download area. Thank you for providing these details.

  2. Send us an email

    Please send the claim form to


LeasePhone Mobil
LeasePlan 24-hour assistance | Switzerland: 0800 845 625 | International: +41 44 746 64 77
If your car has broken down, our LeasePlan Road Assistance is available around the clock to help you. Call 0800 845 625 (from Switzerland) or +41 44 746 64 77 (from abroad).