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The revolution rolls on

Switching to an electric car is now easier than ever. Thanks to lower battery, electricity and maintenance costs, electric vehicles are now an increasingly attractive option in purely economic terms. Government incentives to switch to electro mobility are also available, including tax breaks and the provision of public charging points.

Seven good reasons to go electric


    Switching to an electric car protects the environment. Electric vehicles have no emissions, so they contribute to improving air quality. Overall, they also produce fewer CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel vehicles.

    Business continuity

    Throughout Europe, over 200 urban areas – including London, Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Stockholm – have already banned motor vehicles that are not classified as low-emission from inner city areas designated as environmental zones. Electric vehicles are permitted in environmental zones.


    Electric vehicles' range is steadily increasing and is already ample for the distance covered by an average driver in a day – even without topping up the battery on the go. The latest generation of electric vehicles has a range of over 200 to 500 km.


    The choice of manufacturers and vehicle types is constantly growing and more than 10 different models are currently available. Car manufacturers are increasingly investing in electric vehicles, and almost all major manufacturers want to have at least one electric model in their range for the foreseeable future.


    Gone are the days when electric vehicles were prohibitively expensive for most people. We are happy to discuss all the prices and costs involved when you switch to an electric car with you.

    Excellent driving comfort

    Driving an electric car is a pleasure. More and more electric cars have just one pedal, so are easier and more comfortable to drive. Many people also enjoy the noiseless driving and the warm feeling from knowing they are helping to protect the environment.


    Government incentives and tax breaks make electric vehicles more attractive.

Start driving electric with LeasePlan:

An overview of our services

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The "Car-as-a-Service" concept

As a LeasePlan customer, you can rely on us for everything for your electric vehicle, from helping you choose the right one through to financing options, maintenance and insurance.


Charging options

LeasePlan also offers a range of suitable charging options so that your vehicle never runs out of juice. We'll be your central point of contact for all the logistical arrangements.


Support when you switch

There are several stages to switching to an electric car and LeasePlan will be there for you, with technical support, advice on charging solutions and all the other practical questions.

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See the charging points at your desired location

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