Get your car ready for the warm season

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The warm spring days are the ideal time to treat your car to a wellness treatment and get it ready for the warm season. We show you what your car needs now.
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Winter puts your car to the test: grit and road salt damage the paintwork, dirt collects not only on the outside but also in the interior, and the windscreen wipers reach their limits in cold, wet weather. The warm spring days are the ideal time to treat your car to a wellness treatment and get it ready for the warm season. We show you what your car needs now.

How to get your car ready for the warm season

  1. Thorough car wash

    Salt, grit and dirt tend to build up after the winter and can be quickly removed with a trip through the car wash. Particularly important, but often forgotten: the underbody wash, which protects the car from rust and corrosion.

  2. Check whether everything is tight

    Functioning door seals are important for keeping moisture and dirt out of the vehicle interior. In winter, however, they are often affected by salt and cold. You should therefore clean the door seals carefully and then treat them with a suitable care product. You can also take this opportunity to clean the interior: the seats, floor mats and fittings will be glad of a refresher. Winter floor mats can now be replaced with summer mats. It is best to use antistatic cleaning agents for fittings and plastic parts (no highly greasy agents or shine sprays).

  3. Make sure you have a clear view

    Clean all windows (outside and inside) and the entire lighting system to ensure optimum visibility. Make sure that no streaks form during cleaning, as these can severely impair visibility. Also check the windscreen wiper blades, as these can be damaged by snow and ice. Replace any porous rubber and check that the lights are working properly.

  4. Check all operating fluids

    Check the levels of engine oil, windscreen wiper fluid, brake fluid and engine coolant. You can top up the engine oil (if the recommended intervals are observed and the correct engine oil is used) and windscreen cleaner yourself.

  5. Check the battery

    Batteries and cold weather don't always get along well, so a battery check after winter is essential. How do you recognize a weak battery? A slow start or sluggish steering are clear signs. Radio reception or lighting problems when the engine is switched off are also signs of a weak battery.

  6. Clean and change the tyres

    Clean your tyres thoroughly and check them for possible damage. Also check the tread depth. Damaged or worn tyres are a safety risk and must be replaced. In the meanwhile should have switched to summer tyres now, as winter tyres are not suitable for high temperatures.

Published at June 5, 2024
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June 5, 2024
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