Buy a car or lease one? It's not just private owners who ask this question: SMEs and businesses are also often unsure too.

The truth is that companies of all sizes want to get the most for their money when it comes to their mobility.They want to be mobile whenever they need to, while keeping an eye on their costs at all times. We've compiled the seven most common questions about car leasing and we'll show you why leasing is the right choice for the business sector:

Lease or buy?

Both options have specific advantages and we've summarised them for you. Find out what's best for your company.

Advantages of leasing

  • No capital tied up
  • A fixed interest rate and guaranteed residual value
  • One consistent monthly rate
  • Maintenance and repairs included
  • Breakdown assistance included
  • No need to lift a finger with the administration
  • Choose how long your lease lasts
  • A new car with every new contract

Advantages of buying

  • The car belongs to you
  • No monthly lease payments
  • Any profit from selling the car is yours

Seven questions about leasing

1. Is leasing a car expensive? There may be plenty of great offers available when you buy a car, but they don't include the costs of purchase, maintenance and repair, insurance, taxes, interest and depreciation. All these costs are covered by a leasing contract – and all at a low fixed monthly fee. 2. Can you plan ahead with leasing? You may think that the costs for leasing a vehicle are difficult to predict as business requirements change, but the mileage allowance and contract terms are actually tailored to your requirements. And your company's cash flow is easier to plan, as the leasing costs are fixed every month, and include service and operating costs.3. Is leasing complicated? The leasing company handles most of the administration. From selecting the perfect vehicle to arranging the contract, ordering the vehicle and managing the costs, everything goes easily and smoothly. It also includes 24/7 access to our driver services and support. 4. Is leasing low-risk? Just like any other contract that you sign, it's important that you evaluate your budget and requirements as well as the conditions for leasing the car. The leasing company handles repairs, depreciation, taxes and resale for you, which reduces the monetary risk of using the vehicle.5. Is leasing suitable for both large and small companies? Leasing can be the ideal solution for both large companies and SMEs. It means small businesses can have their perfect car, while spreading the costs over the contract term, guaranteeing flexibility, cost control and a carefree driving experience. 6. Who owns the lease vehicle? Even though you don't actually own the car that you lease, you'll always get to drive a new car with the latest technology. After your contract expires, you can return the car, or purchase it at a competitive price.7. Can you only lease new vehicles? No, used car leasing is a great solution for day-to-day mobility, especially for SMEs and smaller companies.
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