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The world of mobility is constantly evolving. That’s why we work hard at being the first to know what’s next – for our company, our industry and for you, our customers. Find out how we make any car possible – anytime, anywhere.


We are working towards an emission-free future

Our industry is changing and we are actively working towards a greener future. At LeasePlan we use our size, expertise and global presence to position ourselves at the heart of this discussion.

In line with the Paris Agreement and the United Nation’s sustainability goals, LeasePlan’s aim is for fleets to have zero emissions by 2030.

How do we plan to achieve this?

With a four-step strategy:

Raising awareness: We cannot implement these changes on our own. We work with governments, NGOs and the private sector to address energy, climate and air-quality challenges.

Offering advice: We want a widespread changeover to low-emission vehicles. We make information available about the options, benefits and best practices, in order to educate customers and legislators about the choices available to them.

Providing support: We make the changeover to electric vehicles as easy as possible. We achieve this through competitive prices, comprehensive service packages and charging stations for the home.

Leading the way: We believe in leading by example, which is why we encourage low-emission vehicles for our staff and work with companies that support initiatives for sustainable transport.

Switch to electric vehicles with us!

We are ambitious – our aim is that the vehicle fleet for our own employees will consist entirely of electric vehicles by 2021. We want our customers to follow this example. This is why we are one of the founding members of EV100, a global initiative to expedite the change to electric vehicles and the associated infrastructure.


The shift from ownership to use

We live in a time when people are increasingly giving up ownership in favour of cars-as-a-service. With over 50 years of leasing experience, LeasePlan is in an optimal position to lead the car-as-a-service market. We want to make the concept of “any car, anytime, anywhere” possible for you, whether you are an individual customer, an SME or a large corporation.

We are also constantly developing new services in collaboration with mobility pioneers such as Uber, SnappChar, Amovens, GoMore Spain, CityDrive and SocialCar.


Cars are there to be driven – so it makes no sense to have them standing around doing nothing. We are working on innovative services that enable customers and businesses to get the most out of their budget by only using cars when they really need to, and then passing them on to the next driver.

Intelligent technology

Innovations for safe and pleasant driving

Technology is changing the way we drive. Cars are becoming more and more intelligent – so much so, that they have almost become computers on wheels. This rapid transition is opening the way for exciting new opportunities.

Connected cars

Intelligent technology: it facilitates navigation to your destination or plays music from your smartphone. At the same time, it can also offer you safety, notify the authorities in the event of an accident, improve your driving behaviour and reduce fuel consumption. We rely on data evaluations to improve your driving experience – every time you get behind the wheel.

Self-driving cars

A few years ago, self-driving cars sounded like science fiction, but thanks to developments in technology and improved safety, they have become a real possibility. There are even those who predict that by 2030, they will have become part of everyday life. We are constantly weighing up all the options so that we can be at the forefront of the development of autonomous cars and related innovations.

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