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Fleet management that fits your strategy

You have a company fleet upwards of 25 or maybe even thousands of vehicles to manage. You need a partner with the right experience, services and tools to help you meet your business goals; reducing your CO2 footprint, keeping your employees happy and safe on the road and controlling your costs.

LeasePlan has 50+ years of experience in over 30 countries, helping companies big and small drive costs down and making fleet management as hassle free as we can. We tailor fleet management solutions to fit your strategy and budget, offering as little or as much outsourcing as you need.

Fleet management made easy, so you can focus on what’s next: driving your business forward.

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Why leasing?

Deciding how to finance your company vehicles and managing fleet services is a big decision for any company. Operational leasing gives you extra time, saving you costs to focus on your core business. Read more to discover the benefits of leasing.


Fleet management solutions

Depending on the needs for your company vehicles, we have an extensive list of products and services to choose from. Take a look at some of the services we offer for cost optimisation, driver safety and sustainability.


Types of financing

There are different ways to finance and manage your fleet. You can choose to buy or lease. Or opt for an in-between solution. We take you through the different financing solutions so you can make an informed decision.

LeasePlan saved us 3 days a month of fleet management time due to the online customer portal 'My Fleet' and the reports tailored to our needs.

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Why LeasePlan?

We go the extra mile for our fleet clients. With the experience and technology you need to achieve your fleet targets. We make fleet management easy so you can focus on what’s next for your business.

LeasePlan is a world leader in car-as-a-service and dedicated to serving the needs of all types of corporate clients from different industries, including the public sector, pharmaceutical companies, or service companies. Our fleets include LCVs as well as passenger cars, electric vehicles from all brands. Whatever works best for your company, we have the solution.

February 21, 2020

TCO is not a static number

A vehicle’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is comprised of its fixed costs, all operating expenses, and depreciation per year or during the course of its service life, minus its anticipated resale value. Typically, this formula is calculated prior to initial acquisition to use as a selection metric, but it is important to remember that TCO is not a static number.

February 10, 2020

8 levers of fleet optimisation

We’re always surprised just how many businesses don’t know how much their fleet costs them - and when you’re a growing business, running a fleet of vehicles can be one of your biggest costs. So any improvement in how those vehicles are financed and managed can make a big impact on your bottom line.

February 10, 2020

The future of fleet transportation

The future of fleet has never been more exciting. New technologies and business models – like car subscription services, 5G technology and smart cities – could be both an opportunity for and threat to the fleet industry.

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