Reforestation & wildlife protection activities by LeasePlan

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For every car LeasePlan Hellas owns, returns to the environment with tree planting and wildlife protection activities.

April 4th, 2022 – Owning now 40,000 cars on the streets of Greece, LeasePlan gives back to the environment through a comprehensive reforestation and wildlife protection project. After all, environmental sustainability is a strategic priority for LeasePlan, which is globally committed for net zero tailpipe emissions from its entire funded fleet by 2030.

In cooperation with We4All, LeasePlan has undertaken the reforestation of Poikilo Mountain and Mount Ymittos, as well as the restoration of a forest area in the northern part of Evia Island, which was devastated by wildfires. 6,000 saplings in total have already been planted in Northern Evia, with the emphasis given to planting fast-growing species, such as fruit trees, aiming to empower the local community and economy, which suffered from the wildfire consequences. The employees of LeasePlan, who were actively involved in this effort, had the chance to contribute a little something themselves, by participating along with their children in the reforestation of Poikilo Mountain, in the municipality of Fyli.

These 6,000 trees are expected to absorb 132,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide on an annual basis and release 702,000 kilograms of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Naturally, wildfires, climate change and human activity afflict wild fauna, as well. Therefore, LeasePlan has decided to support ANIMA, the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife, and thus contribute to the emblematic cause of the association and its people, through providing aid to and helping wildlife - birds, mammals and reptiles - rehabilitate.

According to the CEO of LeasePlan Hellas, Konstantinos Petroutsos: “In LeasePlan, we consider it our duty to give back to the society and the environment within which we are active and of which we are an integral part. After all, that is why we apply the ESG criteria in our approach, abiding by the principles of environmental and social sustainability in our daily lives. The environmental activities we implement and support enhance this strategic direction: to contribute to the creation of a greener future with fresher air, and communities which thrive in harmonious co-existence with nature and the wildlife”.

Published at April 12, 2022
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April 12, 2022

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