Collaboration of ALD Automotive|LeasePlan with the University of Piraeus

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In the context of strengthening the mutual relationship between the academic community and entrepreneurship in Greece, ALD Automotive|LeasePlan proceeded to sign a cooperation agreement with the University of Piraeus.

ALD Automotive|LeasePlan, the leading sustainable mobility player in Greece, and the University of Piraeus, through the MSc Program 'Economics and Business Strategy' (MSC-OES) and the Strategic Leadership & Digital Transformation Lab (iLEADS Lab) of the Economics Department within the Economics, Business, and International Studies School, intend to jointly proceed with actions that strengthen the link between education and the qualifications required in the workplace. This confirms their common commitment to creating new knowledge and developing skills.

The cooperation agreement between the two organizations entails a series of educational programs, seminars, lectures, and student internships. Specifically, ALD Automotive|LeasePlan will recruit MSC-OES graduates to intern at the company, enabling them to develop and implement their business ideas at a professional level. Simultaneously, ALD Automotive|LeasePlan executives will engage with students to expand their knowledge and understanding of business operations and needs.

Accordingly, professors from the MSC-OES program and doctoral and post-doctoral students from the iLEADS Lab will conduct training programs for the employees of ALD Automotive|LeasePlan. This collaboration offers the opportunity for national and international visibility, showcasing an example of partnership between an academic institution and businesses through the organization of corporate events and training workshops.

The University of Piraeus, particularly its MSc Program in "Economic and Business Strategy," stands out for its high number of graduates annually on a nationwide scale and their rapid integration into the labor market. The program aims to prepare specialized and competent executives for employment in both public and private sector organizations, fostering the development of Greek businesses and the Greek economy.

Published at February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024

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