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Memorandum of Understanding between PPC and LeasePlan Hellas

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LeasePlan Hellas and PPC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), aiming at contributing to the promotion of e-mobility in our country.

Primal target of the two companies is to boost e-mobility in the country. More specifically, PPC, leader producer and supplier of electricity in the country and LeasePlan Hellas, leader in the operating leasing of vehicles, will jointly plan and implement a series of actions to promote e-mobility, based on products and services. The Memorandum of Understanding aims at increasing the electric vehicles leasing and significantly strengthening the charging infrastructure, through the encouragement of the customers of the two companies.

In addition, given the opportunity, both companies can exchange top level know-how - each one in its own field - and an extremely significant volume of valuable data, experience and information. PPC, as the leader in the electricity market, utilizes its long-term experience in the field of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. LeasePlan, as a world leader in car-as-a-service, has the know-how and experience in electric vehicles leasing as well as a wealth of data deriving from numerous international researches on electric vehicles.

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Alexandros Paterakis, Deputy CEO of PPC, stated in this regard: "PPC continues with rapid steps the dynamic entry in the field of e-mobility. Our main goal is the development of the largest charging network for electric cars in the country, which is a prerequisite for maximizing the autonomy of electric vehicles and enhancing their broad use. Our plan includes the installation of 1,000 charging stations nationwide in the next 2-3 years and 10,000 charging stations in the medium term. This includes the memorandum of understanding that we signed with LeasePlan Hellas in order to jointly plan and implement actions to promote e-mobility in our country. PPC makes e-mobility a way of life and creates the conditions for a better and greener tomorrow for all ".

Konstantinos Petroutsos, Managing Director of LeasePlan Hellas, said: "The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between LeasePlan Hellas and PPC gives us excitement and satisfaction, as we believe it will act as a growth catalyst for electric vehicles in both leasing and charging networking, while it will also contribute in the overall promotion of e-mobility in the country. The benefits of using an electric vehicle, in terms of environmental footprint as well as cost saving, are significant. At LeasePlan, we consider customers our top priority and remain devoted to our strategic commitment for achieving net zero tailpipe emissions from the company's fleet worldwide by 2030. We strongly believe that subject partnership with a large electrical corporation such as PPC, which has lignite phaseout at the core of its development plan, is a strategic move of great importance".

Published at March 5, 2021
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March 5, 2021

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