LeasePlan Market Propositions

Our Market Propositions offer a tangible proof that LeasePlan is the proactive service excellence partner in fleet and vehicle management.


Fleet Balance

Fleet Balance is a consultancy approach that provides clients with a holistic view of fleet management showing LeasePlan’s expertise on all areas of: people, planet and profit.

It is based on three steps:

  • Define sustainability ambition level of the client using the Balance tool.
  • Assess the client’s current fleet management policy.
  • Identify and analyse a possible gap. Offer advise and support to reach the desired ambitions using appropriate LeasePlan services.

Car Policy Consult

Car Policy Consult helps clients to create and manage a car policy fast and easily, taking a range of factors into consideration:

  • Fleet costs
  • Environmental requirements
  • Driver satisfaction
  • Mobility needs
  • Fiscal and legal changes

A car policy describes the rules, tasks, rights and obligations of different procedures for the employer and the employee with regard to a company car.


Service Tracking

Service Tracking is a new way to view, manage and improve fleet performance and provides you with a 360o insight, accomplished with fleet advice. Furthermore, it helps in building an efficient partnership aimed at fleet optimisation and cost saving opportunities.

Service Tracking offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • Full insight in your fleet’s key performance indicators
  • Benchmark of your performance with other relevant fleets
  • Strategic analysis and advise based on actual figures
  • Prove that you are in control of your fleet to your management

Savings Accelerator

Savings Accelerator is a structured approach towards identifying cost saving opportunities in all areas of running your fleet.

Savings Accelerator allows you to:

  • Reduce the cost of running your fleet.
  • Develop a more cost effective car policy.
  • The consistent approach will allow for tracking of achieved cost savings.

SafePlan - everyone counts!

SafePlan is a program designed to support companies in reducing the number of accidents and associated cost.

This is achieved by:

  • Enabling your drivers to further develop their own driving skills.
  • Encouraging your drivers to behave more responsibly in traffic.
  • Monitoring and reporting of driver behaviour improvements.
  • Damage prevention plan.
  • Optimize your Car Policy for Driver Safety.

LCV Leasing: you deliver because we deliver!

LCV Leasing helps clients to manage their LCV fleet in a way that fits their specific needs and enables them to deliver their products and services both effectively and efficiently.

The basis of LCV Leasing is a seven step methodology supported by continuous relationship management that LeasePlan countries can apply towards their clients to create the right solution for their business and consequently for their business.

More about LCV Leasing