Best deals on vehicles and services

Best deals on vehicles and services

Cutting back fleet costs is a priority for many large companies. With worldwide 1.9 million vehicles on the road, LeasePlan has a purchasing power to negotiate the best possible deals on vehicles and service levels on your behalf.

Next to offering the best vehicles at the best prices on the market (best deals), LeasePlan is continuously working on creating a high standard service network with the best suppliers. Making sure that your drivers can receive the best service for maintenance and repairs and their downtime is limited. Which gives you a peace of mind without unnecessary costs.

Quality in service and best price with our purchasing power

Enjoy from the advantages that LeasePlan’s purchasing power gives you:

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Buva NetherlandsLeasePlan helped us save up to 200 euros per employee a year with their repair and maintenance services due to their preferred dealer network and pick-up & delivery service which is unique in the market.

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